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Rune Magick

One of the most versatile tools in any magician’s toolbox are Runes. The great thing about Rune magick is that it either works or it doesn’t, so the magician doesn’t have to worry whether a charm may go “bad” or backfire. Rune magick can be simple. It can be complex. When it works, it works wonders. When it doesn’t work.. It simply doesn’t.

You can infuse the energy of runes into your being by carefully breathing and pronouncing the rune like a yoga mantra. For example if you need some energy and your are lagging you may want to call Sowelu into your essence while visualizing the rune and the sun.

A simple yet powerful charm of protection is the use of the rune Algiz. To protect your home, sacred space, person or vehicle, you can draw the rune while slowly chanting like a mantra “Al-giz” thus infusing the rune with your essence and intent. For the home, it is recommended to use on windows, and doors. You can make a decoration for your car and hang it from the rear view mirror. For your person, you can draw it on the bottom of a foot or wear it as an amulet.

Bind runes are another way of using rune magick. A bind rune is the infusion of two or more runes which amplifies the intent that much more. For example the bindrune Aegishjalmur or more commonly known as the “Helm of Awe” This particular rune was used to instill fear into the enemy and is a very powerful talisman for protection. There is a rune study group which discusses this bindrune. You can check the link here: http://runesecrets.net/group/bindrunes/forum/topics/aegishjalmur-helm-of-awe

I once “threw” Aegishjalmur at a tailgater on route 94 going into Hanover. I held the image of the rune in my mind and imagined I was on top of my car holding it in my hand. I threw it, and that person literally slammed on his breaks and kept a very safe distance from me for the remainder of the drive!

You can draw bindrunes with pencil, marker, saliva, lotion, or water. The rune does not have to be visible to work.

You can create a bindrune and tailor it for your own specific need. Be sure your intent is clear, pronunciation correct and you take your time to fully enjoy your experience.






Thoughts on Pendulums

~ by Melody

pendulum_1I have used runes as a method of divination for over 25 years and have used a pendulums for a quarter of that time. My first experience with pendulums was at a local herbal shop that also offered a variety of metaphysical devices. I’m drawn to shiney things naturally, and the chakra colors on the chain of one particular pendulum caught my eye.

The shop owner gave me a demonstration on how to use the pendulum to check for imbalances in my chakras by laying out stones the color of each chakra in a small circle. She instructed me to hold the pendulum still and I watched in awe as the pendulum moved on it’s own towards the yellow stone, which indicated my solar plexus chakra. At the time I was also suffering from a condition called gastroparesis (in the stomach). I was hooked and bought a lovely clear quartz pendulum with the chakra colors on the chain.

After using the pendulum for checking my chakra on a regular basis, I moved on towards other uses. I learned to find lost objects, clear energy, and dowse with the pendulum. Several pendulums have come come into my possession. Each has its own personality and niche in the same way that different rune sets and tarot decks communicate differently to people, situations and/or the nature of the questions being asked. I currently use two favorite pendulums in my daily exercises – one of quartz crystal and another of hematite.

The pendulum uses our own energy as well as the energy of its surroundings. For example, if you are buying a car then you can ask the pendulum if the salesman is being honest, or if the car is a lemon. A pendulum’s ability to read and react to the surrounding energy is very beneficial in situations where you might not be able to trust your own intuition. To expand on the car sales example, if you’re going through negotiations with an aggressive sales person who is making your head spin then the pendulum may provide valuable insight.

If you decide to buy a pendulum, take the time to choose your pendulum in person to see if it corresponds to your energy. Take care what the pendulum is made of! My husband was drawn to a hematite pendulum a year or so ago and it did little to nothing for him. Hematite is a very grounding stone and my husband’s pretty grounded already. We swapped pendulums and the hematite is working wonderfully in my own work while the smokey quartz pendulum I gave him is reacting much better to him.

The pendulum is a very versatile and useful tool to have in your metaphysical toolbox. Regular use and practice will bring you closer to your intuition and give you more confidence in your daily decisions.

Psychic Rune Readings by Melody Bishop

February 2014 Newsletter

wunjoRune of the Season: Wunjo

Harmony, Affection, Joy, Blessings, & Desire

A rune of great joy and blessings, Wunjo often signals a time of joy ahead. It calls upon you to enjoy the moment and share your joy with other. This rune also appears frequently during times of stress and activity in a challenge position that tells us we need to find the joy in ours lives. Be mindful of what brings you joy. Do what you can to make it a part of your day.

This winter has brought a fair amount of trials with it for us. Stress, arguments, unexpected bills, family losses, and more. There have been days when the presence and smiles of our infant son has kept the house together. These are the times when it’s good to remember that everything is a cycle, both the “good” times as well as the “bad.” When it gets rough, just hold onto your faith and remember that the cycle will continue and the sun will shine again. Look for the thoughts that give you comfort and hold them close.

Since the last newsletter there have only been a few events but they stand out. The New Visions Magickal Open House in December was a blast, as were the 2014 Possibilities presentation at The Inner Connection in January. I also gave a presentation on using channeling for deeper rune readings at New Visions in January as a precursor to my upcoming Runes 102 Class (also to be held at New Visions, date TBD). If you are interested in the Runes 102 class please let Bill and Bob know.

Many of you know that I offer phone and Skype video readings. These are great for people who are unable to attend stores and events in person for whatever the reason. We’ve improved the website, increased our social media presence, and have really been trying to branch out to other online associations in an effort to make my services more accessible.

If you haven’t checked out the website in a while, take a look! We’re adding events to the Schedule of Events on a regular basis and posting one or two blogs a week. You are encouraged to participate in the blog discussions – I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the topics.

Warm Regards ~
Melody Bishop

2014, A Space Oddity

The year 2014 really hit us hard so far.

I had my head in my hands wondering “Why me?” practically every day since December 21st. We’re only 10 days into this year and it feels like a cosmic hailstorm complete with downed trees, damaged power lines, frayed nerves and a raging migraine. It has been so extraordinary to find other people are also being “slapped around” by her as well.

starfield_smallThey are everywhere, Which means one thing… It’s freaking planetary. We have every reason right now to shake our fists to the sky.

Now I am no astrologer, but I have people in the know. I have been consulting Professional Astrologer Kathy Biehl on these recent cosmic events. Let me tell you it’s a s**t storm out there! It’s not all doom and gloom, so I am providing some links for you to peruse to help get a grasp on these things and how we can make this period work for us.

The major events are occurring right now are that Venus is in Retrograde and the New Moon (New Years Day) was in Pluto, who is the lord of death and rebirth. Out-modeled relationships, things, people, values and whatever-is-not-working must go. Best to let it go, because if you grasp on it and hold on, it will wriggle out of your hands like a slippery fish, or turn on you and bite you.

A word to the wise during Venus Retrograde: Do not get married, start a new job, or start anything new this period. If you already have wedding plans, be mindful of your communication with your significant other.

The good news is, that it is temporary. In spring, things will settle, but they will not be the same. We are being re-invented, our lives changed. Change is never comfortable. So lets put on our grown-up pants, get out there, and do some work. It is not easy but it is necessary.

Here is Kathy’s write up on the New Moon of New Years: http://empowermentunlimited.net/Empowerment_Unlimited/Astro-Insight/Entries/2013/12/27_2014_Capricorn_New_Moon.html

A more detailed write-up on Venus Retrograde is found here: http://empowermentunlimited.net/Empowerment_Unlimited/Astro-Insight/Entries/2013/12/12_Forecast_for_week_of_Dec._16-22%2C_2013.html

Make sure you visit her site at www.empowermentunlimited.net

~ Melody Bishop

The Rune Lady’s Husband

~ blog post by J.R. Bishop

…is also a rune reader. I mentioned in a previous blog that I was going to do readings at Portals in Berkeley Springs. That appointment has come and gone and I’m a bit wiser for the experience. While I don’t have the years of experience that my wife has, I do feel comfortable knowing that my clients received accurate readings. After reading for myself and my wife and one other person, the only way to take the next step was to go out there and do it.

Readings are, of course, confidential, but without going into detail I can honestly say that I never saw the runes laid out in such as way as they were at Berkeley Springs. I was able to read them but it’s a whole different ball game when you’re reading strangers. It’s both easier and harder at the same time. The easy part is that you don’t already know what the runes are referring to so you can keep an open mind as to what they’re telling you. The hard part is that you don’t already know what the runs are referring to so you really have to pay attention to know what they’re telling you.

Take Jera as an example – does it appear to provide insight on a financial matter or is it a currency of the soul that is at issue? When reading my wife it’s as plain as day. When reading others it’s not. I’d grown so used to the same runes appearing and focusing on certain things in my private readings that my readings at Portals were a stark reminder that the runes can be both complex and playful depending on their orientation and positioning in the spread.

I certainly have nothing against the Tarot or any of the numerous Oracle card decks out there (we have our own rune card deck 🙂 ), but the basic rune stones have become increasingly complex due to their large amount of ambiguity and open interpretation by virtue of their simplicity.

Othila, for example, is a rune of inheritance. What sort of inheritance? Quite often there may be a separation or loss involved. Another interpretation is that Othila represents your “purpose in life” so to speak. In a reverse or converse position those interpretations could mean that the querent has not gotten their due reward or earning (inheritance) or that they are working against or away from their divine path (purpose in life). If the rune is in reference to an inheritance then is it a physical, material inheritance or is it perhaps a tradition, skill, or other heirloom that is being passed down from an ancestor? Just telling a client that the rune represents “inheritance” would be like a weather man saying that we have “precipitation” outside but not telling us what type or how much. It is your job as the reader to fill in the gaps and read the fine print for the client.

Speaking of fine print… I have noticed something else that occurred during my readings. I noticed this a few months ago but it really hit home at Portals. The runes tell me a story with each person. When I lay them out for a spread, I take a moment to consider the forest for the trees, so to speak, to get the overall gist of the reading before I get into the details. I found that as soon as I laid them out it was like I was reading a page from a book.

More later, but those are some of my initial musings with the runes. If you’ve had some unique experiences with the runes yourself, we’d love to hear about them 🙂

Lightworking in the Screen Age

Lightworking in the Screen Age:
How do we help the next generation while staying connected?

~ by Melody Bishop

Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity™ Seat for iPad® device

Every year I do a prediction series for the coming year called “Possibilities,” where I channel the runes with a message for mankind for the year to come. This year was no different and the message was powerful. A unique message came up: “Stop raising our children with screens!” By that, it meant our addiction to ipads, iPhones, gadgets and computers is really hurting our children.

I remember being stunned the day I watched the airing of a report on ABC Nightly News on babies and screens. Countless times, the baby chose the ipad over their mothers and traditional baby toys. Time and time again, the baby chose the screen. An then there’s this you tube video where the mother blamed Steve Jobs because he had “coded a part of her OS” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXV-yaFmQNk)

What can we do as lightworkers to help both parents and their children in this information age? We must first understand the problem and the dangers.

We are in a constant need of being validated and connected. Social networks makes it so easy to stay connected across the miles. The problem arises when we replace virtual interaction with real person-to-person interaction, where even eye contact and a smile is a commodity.

The American Academy of Pediatrics state:

  • Many video programs for infants and toddlers are marketed as “educational,” yet evidence does not support this. Quality programs are educational for children only if they understand the content and context of the video. Studies consistently find that children over 2 typically have this understanding.
  • Unstructured play time is more valuable for the developing brain than electronic media. Children learn to think creatively, problem solve, and develop reasoning and motor skills at early ages through unstructured, unplugged play. Free play also teaches them how to entertain themselves.
  • Television viewing around bedtime can cause poor sleep habits and irregular sleep schedules, which can adversely affect mood, behavior and learning.
  • Young children with heavy media use are at risk for delays in language development once they start school, but more research is needed as to the reasons.
  • See more at: http://www.aap.org/en-us/about-the-aap/aap-press-room/Pages/Babies-and-Toddlers-Should-Learn-from-Play-Not-Screens.aspx#sthash.JVQW1jX3.dpuf

The other aspect of the issue to consider is how we interact with our children. About a year ago, my husband and I were at a local restaurant. The service was slow, which enabled us to do some people watching. Several tables over we witnessed a family of both parents glued to their iPhones while the daughter looked down at the table, playing with a straw wrapper. The little girl was clearly lonely and appeared so sad. Neither one of them spoke until the food arrived. Even then, there was no conversation.

What can we, as lightworkers do to being balance to this social problem?

Consider the children in your life right now, perhaps a nephew who is glued to his iPad playing a video game instead socializing at a family function. Instead of sitting quietly by watching him or worse yet, ignoring him, do your best to engage him. Do not be surprised if you may get a few one word answers or very distracted remarks. He may show you his game and excitedly show you how it is played. Keep in mind that this is a good thing that you’re engaging each other, even if it is over an iPad. Even if it frustrates you that the conversation is over a video game, remember that it is just that, a conversation. The two of you are interacting. In person.

Also consider the possibility of doing activity outside. Perhaps go to a museum, a nature hike, the aquarium, anywhere where being “hooked up” will be inconvenient. This means you too. Refrain from checking your phone or mobile devise as well. You too can benefit from being “off the grid.” Try not to make it such a big deal that Johnny went all day without his iPad. In fact, try not to mention it at all. Instead, focus on the interconnectedness of the moments shared in-person.

To take things to an extreme, consider taking long day-trips to a region without a signal. My husband used to take long hikes and runs up trails outside of cell phone range. He tells me that he looks forward to doing the same with our son when he’s older. After being so connected myself, the initial thought of them going somewhere and getting possibly injured without being able to call for help was upsetting, but it wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t have any of this technology and still went out in nature on all-day trips without worry.

When in nature have you and Johnny imagine that your feet are metal and the Earth is a magnet. It is a wonderful exercise to “ground” you both and not feel so “out there” as being hooked up can sometimes do. At the aquarium, imagine you both are like water, flowing and floating your stresses away. These simple exercise can bring you “back to Earth and maintain a clearer perspective on things.”

Simple moments like those mentioned above will bring joy to both you and the children in your life while maintaining the sense if interconnectedness that we all crave.

~ Melody


Rune Sets

Developing a relationship with your runes is essential for any novice or experienced runester. Your runes can be a gift from a loved one or friend, a present you bought for yourself, or you made them. Any way that the runes make their way to you, know that you are meant to explore them.

The first rune set I was gifted, was when I was sixteen. My dad gave me a set. They were mass produced and came with a book. I was enchanted by the cryptic letters and found the way they moved through my fingers in the bag they came in quite soothing and relaxing. The book was user friendly with the runes on the back and front cover which made it easy to find and navigate. I carried them every where and consulted them daily, sometimes several times a day.

At the time, I didn’t realize I was learning them. I was playing a game. It was essentially sacred play.

Over the years, different runes have come into my possession. I once made some runes out of flour, water and salt (with a little bit of spit) and baked them. I proudly used them until Tyr broke in half! I was about 18 at the time. I was so upset when I found the broken rune, I buried them.

I met a fellow runester (Miriam, of http://forgeoffire.com/) at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire when my husband and I were dating. Fellow runesters, especially serious ones, are few and far between. She had runes for sale and my husband bought them as a gift for me just starting my business. I use them often. They are hand crafted from a cherry tree branch in a lovely hand made burgundy and gold bag.

I bought a set of moonstone runes that were mass produced. I commissioned them to be my personal set, not for use with clients. Isa broke. I still have them. It pains me to think I should get rid of them or bury them.

My husband Joe also made me a set out of a dowel rod and burned the runes into them as an experiment. They are also a favorite set, but I only use them for my personal readings for me alone.

Traditionally, as with any tool-of divination, runes should be given to you by someone you love and trust. It makes the relationship that much more special. If you must buy a set that’s pre-made, make sure you spend as much time as possible with them. Sleep with them under your pillow, carry them in your purse or pocket. The idea is that they pick up as much of your energy as possible.

Another way of increasing the energy of our tools is to set them out overnight in the direct light of the full moon. I usually do this during a “blue moon,” and that lends a very unique and intense energy.

You can always incorporate any ideas you have to make your tools your own. Know that with practice and care, your tools will be a lifelong companion through this journey that is life.

All the best,
December 2013

The Festival of Lights

1110131008bMelody and I spent this past weekend in Berkeley Springs, WV. The 15th annual Festival of Lights was held at the Ice House and Melody had at table there. If you haven’t been to Berkeley Springs yet you definitely need to plan a trip down there – you can walk through the town in 20 minutes or less, but it has several unique shops, a great metaphysical vibe, and of course the spring water and spas. If you want to read more about Berkeley Springs, check out their website here: http://berkeleysprings.com/

We usually visit Berkeley Springs once a month when she reads runes at Portals, a metaphysical shoppe on Fairfax Street (http://www.portalsnewage.com). I’ll post up more about Portals and the other venues we go to later – for now a little more about the Festival of Lights 🙂

The Ice House is home to the Morgan Arts Council (http://macicehouse.org/aih.html), who was given a 40,000 square foot former storage building in 1996. The building is used for many different events throughout the year. This past weekend the first and second floors were filled to the brim with more than 80 metaphysical readers and merchandise vendors. When I say “filled to the brim,” I mean that there were readers in the hallways and with card tables situated in every walled corner and archway in the place and the building’s classrooms held five to seven readers/vendors each.

You might think that having readers with card tables and stations bursting out into the hallways could be more-than-chaotic, but it really wasn’t. The whole place had a nice vibe to it and you didn’t see the distance (both physical and otherwise) between readers/vendors that you see at events like the Celebration of Life. That’s not necessarily a good or a bad thing – each venue we go to has a different feel to it. We enjoy the Celebration of Life as much as the Festival of Life but they each have their own unique personalities.

There were more than enough clients and browsers to go around to all of the different vendors. Every venue has its share of “regulars” and the Festival is no different. This was Melody’s second year and she saw clients from last years’ event as well as new. What was really surprising was that Melody was placed on the second floor in the classroom in the very back of the place and clients (new and old) still found her. That says a lot about the flow of the place and the efforts of Festival organizer Mary Ellen to promote the event.

We were glad to see fellow practitioner and friend Lynn Lewis (Heal Your Past Lives) for the second year in a row. We also had the pleasure to talk shop with Jeff Firesinger (Thoth Tarot Card Readings). Firesinger is a third-generation reader of his deck, which has been passed down from teacher to student. It was interesting to learn about his unique method of reading the Tarot.

Check out the Festival of Light next year! Mary Ellen and her wonderful crew of volunteers did a great job handling the flow of people and vendors alike.

So what did I do all day? You may be asking…

I watched our baby Bean of course! As one of the vendors remarked, with the Bean around I didn’t really matter that much. The Bean, on the other hand, received smiles everywhere he went and he even got a kiss on the forehead. We helped Melody set up her spot and met her for lunch and helped take things down at the end of the day. Aside from that we just wandered around town aimlessly. Almost…

You can’t be married to a psychic for years and go with her to all of these events without picking up a few things. Melody and I both created the Rune Card Deck together and we usually talk through some of her class preparations and booth arrangements at home. This also means that I get to take her classes before anyone else 🙂

The first place I went to after she was set up on Saturday was Portals. It was a great morning to walk around and the house reader, Geoffrey Wendell, wasn’t in yet so I sat by his table in the front window and chatted with the owner, Tom Grinder. Tom casually mentioned that they didn’t have a rune reader in that day. I left Portals a short time later to peruse some other stores in town and as I walked down the sidewalk my hands felt my bag of runes and rune card deck in my pocket and I had one of those “moments of clarity.” Portals didn’t have a rune reader that day… and I had these things here in my pocket that look and feel a lot like runes… and the kid was sleeping most of the day away… so what was I doing again?

To make a long story short, I did a test reading and passed. I will be making my own reading debut at Portals next month on December 28th as long as the weather holds up for the trip. Melody will watch the Bean for a change and explore Berkeley Springs while I sit on the hot seat and give this rune reading thing a go. When I talked to Melody about this being a “test run” she laughed and said that I’d be fine – the only person I had to prove anything to was myself.

What does this mean for us in the future? Who knows… It’ll be interesting to find out!

Sincerely ~
~ J.R. Bishop

November 2013 Newsletter

Rune Readings By Melody Bishop,
November 2013 Newsletter

teiwazRune of the season: Tyr: Warrior, Sacrifice, Success, Courage, Valkrye The sword is the image for the rune Tyr The ability to cut away those things that you are holding on to that no longer serves you is paramount. This may come in the form of old thinking patterns that are negative and self-destructive. Perhaps you have some associations that would serve you best if you steered clear for a while. If you have a nasty habit or lifestyle, you can change at this time.

Bravery sometimes consists of releasing the things that no longer serve you. Battle is never easy and the universe is calling you to make positive change now. It also embodies the competitive spirit and ensures success in any competition you have worked towards. It is a great rune for fighting for what is right and just.The Vikings would carve Tyr on to swords and shields for strength and courage when they were in battle. Wear Tyr in your heart for the strength and courage you need.

Oh yes. Tyr hit the nail on the head as I thought about what to write in this newsletter. I always pull a rune or draw a card to give the newsletter direction and provide guidance to those who read it. Lately, during my readings, I find myself thinking that I should take my own advice more often. The incentive which lies in getting rid of the old and releasing, is that one can make room for the new to come in.

So much new has been coming in! I am truly blessed to have a wonderful husband and business partner to help keep me on task (I get easily distracted!), and do creative projects with. We both came up with a beautiful Runes By Melody Rune Card Deck. We couldn’t be more excited about this undertaking. We are looking for cost effective ways to bring the deck to you. We are planning to do more parties and events. Events for next year are already being booked!

All of this working did wear me down a bit. I had to cancel two dates due to illness this month. I was mortified and I apologize if they caused any inconvenience. The two dates have since been rescheduled. The Crystals Class at The Alta View Wellness Center will now be held on January 11, 2014 and my Friday Night Forum appearance at New Visions Books and Gifts will be on January 10, 2014.

In releasing the old.. We let go of some old clothes (by the way, Mercury Retrograde is a great time to clear out your closets) and items that were taking up extra space in the home. I am working on releasing some old thought patterns of lack and worry, which is where the taking my own advise comes in handy. Releasing is always easier said than done. I tell my clients a good way to release is to use the moon: On the first full moon, write a list of all you want to let go of. Go outside and burn the list. The next full moon write what you want to bring into your life. Go outside and burn it.  What that does is offer your intentions to Spirit and make way for some movement and blessings in your life.

I will be out there on the next full moon burning with you!

Happy Autumn!


Another year, another website :)

Greetings, everyone!

This is Joseph Bishop, Melody’s husband, webmaster, and #1 fan. Melody’s the star of the show here and I just try my best to make the website, videos and other techie stuff happen. If you’ve been following the Facebook posts recently, this revamped website is no surprise.

In the past year, Melody has gone from working a full-time job to being a full-time mother. We feel very blessed that she has unique gifts that help other people and help keep the house afloat during this first tumultuous year of raising a child. The only constant around here is change 🙂 I’ve thanked all of her clients, friends and family on Facebook and I’ll do it again here for the record. Without you all this would not be possible.

She’s gone from doing readings at just one store many years ago to reading regularly at three store locations, attending various open houses, fun festivals, successfully running a booth at three (and maybe even five) expos a year, and being interviewed on multiple radio programs. The quick-down-and-dirty website I put together in record time last year is no longer flexible enough to accommodate her changing needs.

My goal with this new WordPress website is to make it easier to add/remove/edit online content as well as to provide audio and video files more efficiently to our guests. Have you hear the latest radio interviews? Check them out on the Media page. We’re going to start posting her weekly rune readings right on the website along with the most recent newsletters. This fall we created a Runes By Melody Rune Card Deck and you can check it out in the Online Store page. The old “online store” offerings are being put to rest for the time being until we decide if we want to redo the whole online sales things or go another route.

Look for some free 2014 Calendar downloads on this site next month, as well as some neat runic computer desktop images 🙂

In closing, both Melody and I will be posting in this blog. Many of you know that I accompany my wife to the metaphysical and holistic expos to help out with the booth. Lately I’m there to keep our child nice and quiet and happy while mom does her things. I’m going to start posting up some commentary on the vendors I’ve met and experiences I’ve had at the events. Who knows… perhaps I’ll provide some insight on what it’s like to be married to a psychic 🙂

Joseph Bishop