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Thoughts on Pendulums

~ by Melody

pendulum_1I have used runes as a method of divination for over 25 years and have used a pendulums for a quarter of that time. My first experience with pendulums was at a local herbal shop that also offered a variety of metaphysical devices. I’m drawn to shiney things naturally, and the chakra colors on the chain of one particular pendulum caught my eye.

The shop owner gave me a demonstration on how to use the pendulum to check for imbalances in my chakras by laying out stones the color of each chakra in a small circle. She instructed me to hold the pendulum still and I watched in awe as the pendulum moved on it’s own towards the yellow stone, which indicated my solar plexus chakra. At the time I was also suffering from a condition called gastroparesis (in the stomach). I was hooked and bought a lovely clear quartz pendulum with the chakra colors on the chain.

After using the pendulum for checking my chakra on a regular basis, I moved on towards other uses. I learned to find lost objects, clear energy, and dowse with the pendulum. Several pendulums have come come into my possession. Each has its own personality and niche in the same way that different rune sets and tarot decks communicate differently to people, situations and/or the nature of the questions being asked. I currently use two favorite pendulums in my daily exercises – one of quartz crystal and another of hematite.

The pendulum uses our own energy as well as the energy of its surroundings. For example, if you are buying a car then you can ask the pendulum if the salesman is being honest, or if the car is a lemon. A pendulum’s ability to read and react to the surrounding energy is very beneficial in situations where you might not be able to trust your own intuition. To expand on the car sales example, if you’re going through negotiations with an aggressive sales person who is making your head spin then the pendulum may provide valuable insight.

If you decide to buy a pendulum, take the time to choose your pendulum in person to see if it corresponds to your energy. Take care what the pendulum is made of! My husband was drawn to a hematite pendulum a year or so ago and it did little to nothing for him. Hematite is a very grounding stone and my husband’s pretty grounded already. We swapped pendulums and the hematite is working wonderfully in my own work while the smokey quartz pendulum I gave him is reacting much better to him.

The pendulum is a very versatile and useful tool to have in your metaphysical toolbox. Regular use and practice will bring you closer to your intuition and give you more confidence in your daily decisions.