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Rune Sets

Developing a relationship with your runes is essential for any novice or experienced runester. Your runes can be a gift from a loved one or friend, a present you bought for yourself, or you made them. Any way that the runes make their way to you, know that you are meant to explore them.

The first rune set I was gifted, was when I was sixteen. My dad gave me a set. They were mass produced and came with a book. I was enchanted by the cryptic letters and found the way they moved through my fingers in the bag they came in quite soothing and relaxing. The book was user friendly with the runes on the back and front cover which made it easy to find and navigate. I carried them every where and consulted them daily, sometimes several times a day.

At the time, I didn’t realize I was learning them. I was playing a game. It was essentially sacred play.

Over the years, different runes have come into my possession. I once made some runes out of flour, water and salt (with a little bit of spit) and baked them. I proudly used them until Tyr broke in half! I was about 18 at the time. I was so upset when I found the broken rune, I buried them.

I met a fellow runester (Miriam, of http://forgeoffire.com/) at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire when my husband and I were dating. Fellow runesters, especially serious ones, are few and far between. She had runes for sale and my husband bought them as a gift for me just starting my business. I use them often. They are hand crafted from a cherry tree branch in a lovely hand made burgundy and gold bag.

I bought a set of moonstone runes that were mass produced. I commissioned them to be my personal set, not for use with clients. Isa broke. I still have them. It pains me to think I should get rid of them or bury them.

My husband Joe also made me a set out of a dowel rod and burned the runes into them as an experiment. They are also a favorite set, but I only use them for my personal readings for me alone.

Traditionally, as with any tool-of divination, runes should be given to you by someone you love and trust. It makes the relationship that much more special. If you must buy a set that’s pre-made, make sure you spend as much time as possible with them. Sleep with them under your pillow, carry them in your purse or pocket. The idea is that they pick up as much of your energy as possible.

Another way of increasing the energy of our tools is to set them out overnight in the direct light of the full moon. I usually do this during a “blue moon,” and that lends a very unique and intense energy.

You can always incorporate any ideas you have to make your tools your own. Know that with practice and care, your tools will be a lifelong companion through this journey that is life.

All the best,
December 2013