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Psychic Rune Readings by Melody Bishop

February 2014 Newsletter

wunjoRune of the Season: Wunjo

Harmony, Affection, Joy, Blessings, & Desire

A rune of great joy and blessings, Wunjo often signals a time of joy ahead. It calls upon you to enjoy the moment and share your joy with other. This rune also appears frequently during times of stress and activity in a challenge position that tells us we need to find the joy in ours lives. Be mindful of what brings you joy. Do what you can to make it a part of your day.

This winter has brought a fair amount of trials with it for us. Stress, arguments, unexpected bills, family losses, and more. There have been days when the presence and smiles of our infant son has kept the house together. These are the times when it’s good to remember that everything is a cycle, both the “good” times as well as the “bad.” When it gets rough, just hold onto your faith and remember that the cycle will continue and the sun will shine again. Look for the thoughts that give you comfort and hold them close.

Since the last newsletter there have only been a few events but they stand out. The New Visions Magickal Open House in December was a blast, as were the 2014 Possibilities presentation at The Inner Connection in January. I also gave a presentation on using channeling for deeper rune readings at New Visions in January as a precursor to my upcoming Runes 102 Class (also to be held at New Visions, date TBD). If you are interested in the Runes 102 class please let Bill and Bob know.

Many of you know that I offer phone and Skype video readings. These are great for people who are unable to attend stores and events in person for whatever the reason. We’ve improved the website, increased our social media presence, and have really been trying to branch out to other online associations in an effort to make my services more accessible.

If you haven’t checked out the website in a while, take a look! We’re adding events to the Schedule of Events on a regular basis and posting one or two blogs a week. You are encouraged to participate in the blog discussions – I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the topics.

Warm Regards ~
Melody Bishop

2014, A Space Oddity

The year 2014 really hit us hard so far.

I had my head in my hands wondering “Why me?” practically every day since December 21st. We’re only 10 days into this year and it feels like a cosmic hailstorm complete with downed trees, damaged power lines, frayed nerves and a raging migraine. It has been so extraordinary to find other people are also being “slapped around” by her as well.

starfield_smallThey are everywhere, Which means one thing… It’s freaking planetary. We have every reason right now to shake our fists to the sky.

Now I am no astrologer, but I have people in the know. I have been consulting Professional Astrologer Kathy Biehl on these recent cosmic events. Let me tell you it’s a s**t storm out there! It’s not all doom and gloom, so I am providing some links for you to peruse to help get a grasp on these things and how we can make this period work for us.

The major events are occurring right now are that Venus is in Retrograde and the New Moon (New Years Day) was in Pluto, who is the lord of death and rebirth. Out-modeled relationships, things, people, values and whatever-is-not-working must go. Best to let it go, because if you grasp on it and hold on, it will wriggle out of your hands like a slippery fish, or turn on you and bite you.

A word to the wise during Venus Retrograde: Do not get married, start a new job, or start anything new this period. If you already have wedding plans, be mindful of your communication with your significant other.

The good news is, that it is temporary. In spring, things will settle, but they will not be the same. We are being re-invented, our lives changed. Change is never comfortable. So lets put on our grown-up pants, get out there, and do some work. It is not easy but it is necessary.

Here is Kathy’s write up on the New Moon of New Years: http://empowermentunlimited.net/Empowerment_Unlimited/Astro-Insight/Entries/2013/12/27_2014_Capricorn_New_Moon.html

A more detailed write-up on Venus Retrograde is found here: http://empowermentunlimited.net/Empowerment_Unlimited/Astro-Insight/Entries/2013/12/12_Forecast_for_week_of_Dec._16-22%2C_2013.html

Make sure you visit her site at www.empowermentunlimited.net

~ Melody Bishop