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November Musings

psychicI often get questions from new clients on the lines of “How do you know these things?” Or, “Are you going to share this information with anyone else?” Sometimes even: “Will you always remember this conversation?”

My answer to the first question is this:

I do not know anything about you… seriously. The runes are a language that I can translate for you. In a reading I do two things – first, I translate the runes to your situation, and second, I receive information through me. The personal stuff that I bring to the table, comes out of my mouth once I open it. Once it’s out, it is yours to do with what you wish. On a side note, I cannot read for myself, which I think is a good thing. Which brings me to my next question:

Are you going to share this with anyone else?

Nope, not at all. First of all, I can’t. By the time you walk out that door, I have forgotten it. I recently worked a totally awesome Halloween party. I must have read dozens of people that night. I remember only three costumes. I remember the hostess, and only three other costumes. One gave me the jeebies and the other two were so funny!

So this directly ties into the next question: Will you remember this conversation?”

Nope. I forgot. I also forget lots of other things (just ask my husband!  <ed. note: yes, this is true>). So, if you see me in the grocery store and want to give me an update, by all means go ahead. I apologize in advance if I give you a blank stare. What goes on in my mind when I run into a client out in public is this: “Wow, that person looks familiar… hmmm… ok…” and I move along. Like I said, I apologize in advance. I really do understand our session was important. As important as that information was for you, that information was for you and you alone. It would be exhausting for me to carry around the readings of all my clients.

How do I release the information? Simple. My brain reboots after a good nights sleep. I wake up the next day with a vague memory I did a reading. I remember the client’s face, or voice, and that’s it.

I hope this explains some of what it is like “to be psychic.” I love what I do. I cannot imagine doing anything else – 🙂

Rosemary House “Tea and Runes”

I always feel honored when Suzanna invites me to do an event at the Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances Tea Room in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. This location and space is a local favorite, drawing people from the tri-state area and beyond. Her store offers everything herbal, tea and natural as well as a beautiful garden out in the back that you can meander through to your hearts content. Her sister, Nancy does the menu and cooking for the Sweet Remembrances Tea room. This is a family operation built on a fine reputation for service and tasty treats as well!

The Runes and Tea event was intimate with a brief introduction and a question and answer session about the runes. The soup was served and eaten, then the readings began while the other courses were served.

I never remember my readings. What I do remember, is feeling that I had helped each participant in a very special way. I enjoyed my time with each person. The evening went by so quickly!

It is always a pleasure to be a guest at the Rosemary House and Sweet Remembrances Tea Room. I was even gifted some magnificent scones that my son and I enjoyed for breakfast the next day!

You can visit the Rosemary House. For more information, you can check out the website:

The 14th Annual Celebration Of Life Holistic Expo and Conference

IMG_20140809_133850_469It was a great time to be had at the 14th Annual Celebration Of Life Holistic Expo and Conference at the York Fairgrounds in York, PA this past August 9 & 10, 2014. The hosts, Bill & Bob of New Visions Books & Gifts (, have declared it to be a weekend “for those of us who seek a perfect world for like-minds and like-hearts … The amazing energy that is built here for a short two days is phenomenal. And if you attach it to your heart, you can take it with you all year long.

Each year they add a bit of light-hearted fun amidst the more serious discussions of spirituality and holistic wellness. The theme this year was the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” and the hospitality tent was decorated brilliantly in that motif. I even met the Mad Hatter and have a picture to prove it!

We were (and will be next year) located in booth B33. It was always great to see the regular clients visit as well as the new ones. This year, we started carrying Crystal Chick Creations wire wrapped jewelery and pendulums. They were a hit! Also available was the Runes By Melody Rune Card Deck which sold out quickly!

The energy was great on both days. Pat Dumas did a wonderful job on the opening ceremony and got everyone “charged up.” Bill and Bob were a delight, as always. ::::Blows a kiss at both::::

It was humbling to me as to how many customers we had. This was our busiest year yet. I do believe that if you love what you do, as well as everyone involved in an event like this, Spirit takes over and insures a wonderful time by all.

I look forward to next year. I thank all who showed up to chat, mingle and patronize our booth. I cannot do this without you. You are the reason I do what I do.

Much love and respect,



Rune Magick

the-rainbowOne of the most versatile tools in any magician’s toolbox are Runes. The great thing about Rune magick is that it either works or it doesn’t, so the magician doesn’t have to worry whether a charm may go “bad” or backfire. Rune magick can be simple. It can be complex. When it works, it works wonders. When it doesn’t work, It simply doesn’t.

You can infuse the energy of runes into your being by carefully breathing and pronouncing the rune like a yoga mantra. For example if you need some energy and your are lagging you may want to call Sowelu into your essence while visualizing the rune and the sun.

A simple yet powerful charm of protection is the use of the rune Algiz. To protect your home, sacred space, person or vehicle, you can draw the rune while slowly chanting like a mantra “Al-giz” thus infusing the rune with your essence and intent. For the home, it is recommended to use on windows, and doors. You can make a decoration for your car and hang it from the rear view mirror. For your person, you can draw it on the bottom of a foot or wear it as an amulet.

Bind runes are another way of using rune magick. A bind rune is the infusion of two or more runes which amplifies the intent that much more. For example the bindrune Aegishjalmur or more commonly known as the “Helm of Awe” This particular rune was used to instill fear into the enemy and is a very powerful talisman for protection. There is a rune study group which discusses this bindrune. You can check the link here:

I once “threw” Aegishjalmur at a tailgater on route 94 going into Hanover. I held the image of the rune in my mind and imagined I was on top of my car holding it in my hand. I threw it, and that person literally slammed on his breaks and kept a very safe distance from me for the remainder of the drive!

You can draw bindrunes with pencil, marker, saliva, lotion, or water. The rune does not have to be visible to work.

You can create a bindrune and tailor it for your own specific need. Be sure your intent is clear, pronunciation correct and you take your time to fully enjoy your experience.

Thoughts on “Ghost-Hunting”

Civil War 037Living close to Gettysburg is a real treat if you are into the art of Ghost-hunting. They have candle light tours, full of the legends and stories that took place during the Civil War. The stories and the vibes will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, providing you with a real case of the Heebie-Jeebies. The Heebie-Jeebie business in Gettysburg is quite lucrative! If you know where to go, you’re bound to have an experience or few that you will never forget.

My earliest memory of Gettysburg ghost activity happened when my mother and I were driving through the battlefields on a clear sunny day. Out of nowhere, we were in thick fog. (Seriously!) We both got the case of the willies rather quick, so my mother did what she did best. She sang. She sang “Ave Maria” with such conviction and kept singing until the fog cleared which was about 5 minutes. We could really feel the spirits watching us, and I think to this day that my mother’s singing kept them at bay. In her own way, she taught me a very important lesson I would forget in later years. Protect yourself when dealing with the dead, and when you are on their turf. Better yet, leave ’em alone!

I would learn that several years later with friends on a ghost hunting trip. It was my first one, and I had no idea what I was getting into. Frankly, I thought the whole idea was hogwash. I found myself in the back of a van with friends, who anointed me with some psychic vision oil on my 3rd eye. They told me all about these places we were going to go in the dark where the bloodiest of battles happened. I found myself grumbling about the sheer foolishness of it all, but really I was very nervous.

It always seemed like a good idea not to poke a stick at the dead. The dead have their own business to attend to, and for the most part, I like that I am not involved. Yet here I was, about to poke a stick at the dead. In hindsight, I felt like I was doing something wrong. It gave me the aforementioned heebie-jeebies.

Now before I go on in this story, I must say that at the time, I was not in a good place physically, mentally and spiritually. I was wrestling with some demons of my own, in the form of addiction and severe depression. I was not doing readings professionally in those days. That being said, I was wide open for psychic attack. I was not aware of it at the time, as I was misled by my own ego.

So we arrived at Sachs Bridge, built in 1854 . During the Battle, it was crossed by 2 brigades of the I Corps and Union Army. Four days later, the majority of General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia retreated over the bridge after the Union victory in the Battle of Gettysburg.

The group I was with had hand held tape recorders, going in hopes of getting a ghost voice in tape. They were talking to the ghosts and asked if they were there, and if so, to say their name. They also snapped pictures in hopes of getting ghostly visions on camera. I helped too, although I had no idea what I was doing. Honestly, I felt nothing, no presence of any soldiers, just the peaceful feeling of being out in nature on a beautiful covered bridge with friends.

The sun was going down and the group was going to Rose Woods next.

According to Wikipedia: “Rose Woods is a Gettysburg Battlefield forested area that is an American Civil War site of the battle’s Hood’s Assault, McLaws’ Assault, and McCandless’ Advance. “Scene of the first line of Union defenses”[4] on the Battle of Gettysburg, Second Day; the 1st Texas Infantry and 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiments attacked Ward’s 2nd Brigade line in the woods. The last combat on the Battle of Gettysburg, Third Day, was “in the early evening. Colonel William McCandless’s brigade of Pennsylvania Reserves advanced across the Wheatfield into Rose’s Woods where they managed to inflict heavy losses on the 15th Georgia” which had failed to retreat to Warfield Ridge after Longstreet’s Assault.[5] Two days later Timothy H. O’Sullivan photographed corpses moved for burial to the edge of Rose Woods[6] and which were subsequently re-interred in cemeteries.”

The group felt that they could definitely get some EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) there. I really wanted to stay in the van. After some convincing, I got out. We walked around. It was getting darker. I didn’t feel anything until we got back in the van to leave. I don’t remember much, but what my friends told me, I literally flipped out. I was screaming, calling everyone profane names and acting completely out of character. One of the things I remembered was them pulling the van over at a local grocery store and smudging me with sage. After that, I was annoyed. The sage triggered my allergies and asthma that day. To this day, I do not remember them dropping me off at home, or how I even got there.

I have been to Gettysburg since then. We like to go in the day time. To me, it is hallowed ground. It is peaceful, oddly enough. I take in the scenery and history and enjoy the time with my family. As far as the ghosts go, I make sure I am well protected with prayers and send those lost souls who are trapped there peace.

The dead are alive, all right. To me, I do not need to have “proof” of them by taping them or getting them on film. Those paranormal ghost shows worry me as they may inspire some inexperienced people out to places like Gettysburg to try and “pick something up.” Some people would not know how to “survive” a psychic attack by an angry spirit.

Perhaps if we leave the dead to their own business, they may appreciate that too. As a psychic I have had many medium experiences since then. I can assure you that if the dead has some business regarding you, they’ll let you know.

The Life of a Psychic…

psychicI thought I would share what it is like to be a psychic and perhaps clear up some misconceptions that some people may have.

It is truly a joy to be able to do what I do, and while not all readings are rainbows and ponies, each one has changed my life in some small way. It is true that I do not remember the details in most readings, but I come out a different person after each reading than before the reading starts


First Misconception: Psychics know everything.

What I mean by this, is that I cannot give you the winning lottery numbers. If I was able to give you the lottery numbers, I would be sipping White Russians on Kaanapali beach in Maui. I might share some numbers, sure, but only after thorough testing (just to make sure it’s working properly, of course).

Now sometimes in a reading I may not pick up on something that maybe the next day seems like a major turn of events. I usually find later that this “thing that seemed so major” turned out to be a non issue. During a reading, Spirit only shows me what you need to know.

There are times that I can communicate with a long passed relative or loved one. Now, if that same person brings in her sister for example, and wants me to bring in that same spirit, it may not happen. The reason being, that your reading may be what you needed hear at that time. Your sister’s reading will be what she needs to hear. Since I can pick up on past, present and future, maybe the reading may pick up on something from the past that she needs to deal with that will affect her future. Every reading is different.

Second Misconception: I can read your mind all the time.

Whenever I tell someone that I am a professional psychic, I always get a look that screams this: “Oh my God, she’s psychic and knows what I am thinking. She knows all of my secrets right now.”

The only way I will read you is if you ask permission and we work out an arrangement.

When I go to the grocery store or anywhere public, I do my absolute best not to “pick up anything” on other people. First of all, I don’t want to know. I like to think that being a psychic is a lot like a radio in that when I am not “tuned in,” I do not get a clear signal. That’s where the runes come in. As soon as a client picks up the runes, the “station” comes in loud and clear.

As much as I think Theresa Caputo is awesome, the fact that she randomly goes up to people and reads them, bothers me. I do see that she quickly asks permission, and she then proceeds to deliver the message. I would like to think that she only does this when the cameras are on. She is an amazing psychic medium and I have nothing but respect for her.

Third Misconception:
Being a psychic is a gift and you should not charge for it.

Having musical talent is a gift, as well as being good at numbers, making eyeglasses, finances, auto repair, cooking, and the list goes on. It is a gift in that I cannot read myself. Even if I could, would I want to? Psychics charge for services as well as any other person in the service industry. We have bills to pay like everyone else.

Sometimes you may see that a rate on one site is different than another. For example, when I am logged in to a instant reading site, the price is considerably higher than if you booked directly through my site. There are several reasons for this. First is the convenience of having an instant reading right there right now. Second is anonymity. Not everyone wants to be associated with getting readings from psychics, and that’s okay.

Being that this is a gift, I very rarely remember a reading. The information I share is your information alone and there is no reason I should hold on to it. I have a hard time remembering what I had for breakfast yesterday, let alone a reading that took place six months ago.

It is my pleasure to share this gift with you. The hours are longer, and more erratic but it is really something I enjoy doing. I have met some beautiful and amazing people doing this and for that I am truly blessed.

Nurturing the Nurturer

????????????So many of us in our busy lives are always taking care of others before ourselves. I see it every day and I am guilty of it myself. As a mother, wife and professional, I sometimes find myself at my very wit’s end before I realize that I need some me time. When I hit that point, I go into meltdown mode and it’s really unnecessary had I listened to my cues to slow down days or hours ago. It’s not always easy, especially if one works at home because the office is “always there.”

So how do we find time in our busy lives to take a break and do a little self-nurturing?

Some people may go to the spa, the movie theater, out to eat, get their nails done, maybe take a trip to the beach or nature. For me, one of the things I love to do is take a nap.

I must have inherited this from my dad. All of his life and until the end of his days, my dad was a serial napper. If napping was an Olympic sport, my dad would be the uncontested gold medal winner every time. He was a career soldier, talented salesman and a warrior in every sense of the word. He nurtured my mother until the end of her days. If anyone needed nurturing, it was him and he wasn’t afraid to declare his me time with a good book featuring Sherlock Holmes, followed by a nap. The only requirement was coffee must be available (didn’t matter if it was fresh or cold for hours- it can be reheated) when he woke up. He loved rainy and foggy days, saying that they are “perfect days for a nap.” It was no surprise to me at all, that on the day of his funeral, the weather was rainy and foggy, right out of a Sherlock Holmes novel.

How we nurture ourselves determines how we can nurture others. If your energy is low, and you do not replenish it, how can you possibly be any good to anyone, even yourself? We chug down energy drinks and find ourselves more stressed than ever, mistaking a chemical blast of energy for the real thing, and then get surprised when we have anxiety attacks and depression. What goes up, must come down and a crash never feels good.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money or to take a lavish vacation to just “heal up” as my dad would say. Sometimes a small picnic in your favorite park in the sun with your family can do wonders. The sound of children playing always brings back memories of hanging out at the swimming pool on the army base where I spent my teenage years. The sound has a relaxing effect on me as the beach would have on someone else ( I do love the beach, though!)

Before I was a mom, I used to have “Mel Days” where I would go to my favorite park in the mountains called Pen Mar, and lay on my back in the grass and watch the clouds. It has a great view of the valley below. I would imagine all of my drama and problems were in the valley. Then I would bless them and release them. I would then drive a little further and go to the Grotto of Lourdes for some blessed spring water.

Next time you are outside, or in a favorite park, take your shoes off and ground yourself to the Earth. Imagine all of those chaotic thoughts and worries flow from the bottom of your feet into the grass. Notice how better you feel? Good. Now do it again!

Only a Dream?

Is it really only a dream?


A few nights ago, I had a dream I was trying to get off of a military base through an obstacle course.. I had found a woman who was called Ama selling incense at the gate. I had to buy some to leave.

Last night, I had a dream I was chasing a pet chicken through an airport where I boarded an airplane and left it there. I believe the airport was somewhere in Texas.

I don’t know about you, but lately my dreams are wacky and the imagery is like a slap in the face.

According to, an online dream dictionary and dream resource site, dream interpretations date as far back as 3000-4000 B.C. They were documented on stone tablets. In many primal societies, the members had a hard time distinguishing between the dream world and reality. They even held the dream world with more reverence and viewed it as more powerful.

As I watch my son sleep, sometimes I can tell when he is dreaming. Some nights he may wake up after having a dream that may have been vivid or even scary. Sometimes as he sleeps he may babble, moan and even fuss. I wonder if at his age of one year what he must be thinking. Is he able to tell the difference between the waking world and the dream world? Which world feels more comfortable to him?

In the Greek and Roman times, dreams were considered to be messages from the gods, or the dearly departed. There have been many occasions where I have dreamt of those who went before. Around the time I conceived my son, I had a dream I was at a 1920’s swanky party (I was wearing awesome red shoes) with all of my ancestors and they were congratulating me. I asked for some champagne and they laughed and said no. A few weeks later, I found I was pregnant.

The Duke of Zhou is known as the God of Dreams in Chinese culture. If something important is about to happen, the dreamer will meet the Duke of Zhou in a dream. In fact The Analects recorded Confucius lamenting: “How I have gone downhill. It has been a long time since I dreamt of the Duke of Zhou!”

In the Middle Ages, dreams were seen as temptations of the devil, while dream paralysis was thought to be caused by vampires.

In the early 20th century dream interpretation became more of a novelty and parlor trick. Psychologists and Psychiatrists used dream study to understand their patients.

So I researched Dreammoods dictionary to find out what the first dreams above meant. The dream of the military base signifies that I feel closed in and struggling through obstacles. The incense reference is that I need to honor my spirituality more. The second dream signifies that I am “chicken” to try something new, to rise above those fears and dream big.

When the dreams slap me in the face, I try to listen. All of this writing about dreams is making me sleepy. Fiona Apple once sang “I got my feet on the ground and I don’t go to sleep to dream.”

Good night!

The Art of Manifestation

RBM_RC11_kenaz“Manifestation” has been a buzzword ever since the book The Secret was published in 2006. After Oprah featured it on her talk show, manifestation and the law of attraction become topics around the office water cooler.

What is manifestation? By definition, it is either a sign that shows something clearly, one of the forms that something has when it appears or occurs, or an occurrence in which the ghost or spirit of a dead person appears (Merriam-Webster).

For purposes of this blog, and the more common usage of the term when a lot of us woo-woos gather around our water coolers, manifestation is a phenomenon that occurs when an individual’s conscious and subconscious thoughts and expectations influence actual events in their lives. These effects can be as minor as developing better relationships with a rival coworkers or as major as a new business venture becoming successful when the original outlook was dim.

The rune Kenaz (or Kano, depending on your source) represents fire, vitality, creativity and the ability to create your own reality. Thus, it can also indicate our ability to manifest.

For years, I was not the best at manifesting things. In fact, I often repeated patterns in my life because I thought it was what I deserved. That line of negative thinking became a self-fulfilling prophecy. Over and over again, I put myself in positions, or worse created situations in my earlier years that were quite dangerous.

I often wondered if my twenties and early thirties were a time of working out negative karma. Was there a past life connection? I asked myself that a lot. The short answer is a resounding “Yes!” But the longer answer revealed the hard truth that I was not accepting responsibility for this life. I did not make that connection until many years later, after much damage was done. It was so much easier to play the victim. In that victim mentality, I brought about more of the same situations and scenarios.

It was a vicious cycle that continued until I changed my thought patterns and behavior. What we think and say to ourselves really does matter.

It took a complete break down of my reality for me to realize that I had to change things. And change they did. Literally, I hit rock bottom. From that space where things were the darkest, I knew that they will get better. It took the drastic change in my life to realize that I was the creator of this gigantic mess. Once I declared ownership of my life, something amazing happened.

Changing my mind took lots of gentle care and patience. Whenever a negative or self-sabotaging thought came up, I countered it with the words “cancel, cancel, delete” and then replaced it with a positive thought. It took a good year to really change that thought pattern, but the patience really paid off.

I am not 100% all happy thoughts all of the time. I am human. Whenever those thoughts come in, I allow them to go out. It’s like a song that gets stuck in your head for days. The more you listen to it, the more you think about it, the longer the song stays in your head. Make sure the song in your head is worth listening to. If not, show it the way out.

You may be wondering, “How do I change these thoughts I have had for years?”

I have found that guided meditation CD’s really help. There is a brand of amazing CD’s produced by Hemi Sync and they are amazing! You can visit their site here: They have meditations for a variety of purposes, including quitting smoking, pain management relaxation, and releasing old habits. I have used them personally and recommend them.

Gentle self-care techniques like yoga, meditation, and surrounding yourself with positive people and setting boundaries do wonders in changing your mental dialogue. My husband goes running to relieve stress and re-balance himself. If you’re not the quiet meditation type, perhaps physical activity is a good option.

Whatever you choose, use your intuition to find which way is right for you so you can manifest your dreams today. It may take some time, but I promise you it is worth it.

In Defense of “Sticking It Out.”

RBM_RC12_geboMy last blog entry discussed cutting those out of your life who drain, exhaust, and are otherwise negative on a constant basis. While that course of action can be justified in many situations, there are also many relationships where it is better to stick it out. If there is someone who is going through a rough time (it can last for years), it does not necessarily mean that the relationship is doomed. Traditional marriage vows include the words “for better or worse” for a reason.

This blog post was the result of a conversation I had with my husband about the last blog post. He posed the question “Why is everyone always cutting things out of their lives all of the time… What if they actually stuck it out?” Another observation he had was that if a lot of people out there have so much to cut out of their lives, then perhaps they should stop getting attached to the wrong stuff to begin with. But that’s another topic for another blog post for another day…

Growing up, my parents were not Ward and June Cleaver. They did, however, stick it out through every single marital mishap, blunder, mistake and disaster. Believe me there were many. Some were small and others that were marriage killers, yet they held true to their vows that they made in Mexico back in 1958. “Till Death Do Us Part.” My mother, in the end of her days, mused to my dad how much she appreciated his staying by her side through thick and thin. My dad remarried several years later and again, he and his new wife stuck it out until the end of his days.

So much in our culture is disposable. I am having a hard time looking back as to when relationships became disposable. Perhaps it has always been like that, but now in the information age, we all know about it. All you have to do is pick up the latest newspaper or tabloid and find out which celebrity couple is having a divorce. Couples cite irreconcilable differences while the children learn from an early age that if it doesn’t work, it gets thrown away.

All relationships are work. It is important to make sure that you both are working in it. When one party has given up, it’s time to get outside help. Marriage counseling is a great start. If you think your relationship is doomed and your partner wants to help make things right, then the least you can do is give it a try. The worst that can happen is the relationship ends, which is what you expected in the first place. That brings up another aspect – if you are convinced that your relationship is over then you could be making a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your own thoughts and actions may be making it end without you knowing it, so when you reach that point really look inside and try to see if maybe you’re the one who needs to change their approach to the relationship. As the saying goes, “it takes two…”

Many people think they “fall in love” with another person who isn’t their spouse. Often, this new person has some quality or qualities that the married individual may find missing in their own relationship with their spouse.

Every relationship we are in is the result of a Soul Contract we made before coming here. When we are on the Other Side looking over the blueprint of our lives before we come here, we are in a state of ecstatic bliss. That being said, we pick the most human experiences we can have. Then when we find ourselves in our wonderfully frustrating, painful and human moments (they’re not always pretty), sometimes we break down and give up.

Keep in mind that if there is abuse in any relationship, I am not advocating for you to stay in that situation. By all means, get yourself to a safe place and get some help.

If your relationship is struggling, try this simple exercise to see if this brings you two closer. Take a moment if you can, to be with your spouse, or companion in a quiet space. Sit cross legged from each other and look into each others eyes for a whole five minutes. You may laugh, you may cry, you will most likely feel quite vulnerable. Embrace all of the feelings as you begin to witness each others soul. The eyes are the windows to the soul. You will begin to remember why you loved each other in the first place. If we all did this on a regular basis, perhaps more of us would stick it out.

Waterscapes 113

Taking Gentle Care

Many of us push ourselves to the limit and beyond when it comes to helping others. When we are called upon to care for ourselves, we usually do not think about it until we get sick.

I see this time and time again during the course of my work. We have a hard time distinguishing between self-care and selfishness. It is a common misconception that sacrificing every last one of our own needs to make others happy is the way to the Great Eternal Reward. Neglecting to take care of yourself will get you to the Other Side faster, but don’t expect the people you do this for to recognize your efforts.

Waterscapes 113An essential part of self care is surrounding yourself with people you want to be around. We all have that “friend” or relative that is just plain toxic. They call on the phone or come over, and just drain the life energy out of you. Everything that comes out of their mouth is negative, full of criticism and sarcasm.

These individuals can also be referred to as “psychic vampires. Try visualizing energy cords going from that person to yourself, much like surgical tubing. They “pull” your energy, leaving you feeling drained, while their energy is at a surplus.

Please note that just because someone is asking for your help, a shoulder to cry on, or for you to listen to their frustrations it does not make them a psychic vampire. Everyone has bad days and some people really do have it rough and just need a friend. The difference between someone having a bad day and a psychic vampire is that the vampire sucks the energy out of people around them on an almost daily basis . It is almost as if the “vampire” has developed this behavior as a defense mechanism to protect them from having to deal with the real issues they are having and many times they do not have a real interest in getting better. (Cue Garbage’s “Only Happy When It Rains…”)

I see this scenario play out time and again. Good people feel that if they are “there” for a negative person, that somehow the negative individual will see the light and become a happier, more content person just by virtue of having someone to vent towards.

Nope. Never. Forget about it. Not going to happen.

If you are being barraged by a psychic vampire, I can assure you that you are merely on a “list.” If you do not pick up the phone when they call, rest assured, there is another name on that list they will call. Yes. You can turn your phone off. Will it hurt them? Nope. They will move on every time. The act of enabling these people will only deplete your own energy so you cannot be there for those you want to be there for.

Sometimes we find ourselves being “like a sponge,” absorbing the negative energy of a room, place of employment, or perhaps another persons energy. This is not unlike getting physically dirty. The dirt we accumulate is not physically visible. The psychic “dirt” can manifest as a bad mood, irritability, headaches, neck tension, insomnia, nausea, and heartburn.

Another word for this condition is called malochia or “the evil eye.” The book Spiritual Cleansing: A Handbook of Psychic Protection by Draja Mickharic is an excellent old-school collection of remedies from around the world. It is very much worth the investment.

So how does one disconnect from the psychic vampire and wash the psychic muck from one’s aura? And how can these psychic vampires help themselves? Below are some tools to help you clear from negativity depending on your belief system:

  • Call on Archangel Michael and ask for his blue sword of fire to cut the energy cords and ask for his protection throughout the day. He will always come when called. Asked to be infused with protection. And healing.
  • For those who are more Earth based, using a silver candle on your altar while cutting the energy cords with your athame is very effective. Make sure to light another candle and/or burn incense to replace the energy being cleared. The rune Teiwaz is also effective in the clearing visual along with Algiz for protection. I would add an extra shot of Sowelu for good measure.
  • Always, burning sage or Palo Santo Wood is useful for clearing energy and attracting good energy. If burning Sage, you also want to burn incense afterwords. This is especially useful if there happened to be an argument or negative occurrence in your space and wish to clear it. When you clear something, it is always wise to replace the energy removed by adding positive energy to fill that vacuum. You can purchase those products in your local metaphysical or herbal shop
  • A “Beer Bath” is very effective in clearing your own personal aura and body.. In Draja Miharik’s book Spiritual Cleansing, his recipe is quite simple.

Bathe or shower as you normally would. Clean out the tub thoroughly.

Add a quart of beer and a teaspoon of salt to a half tub of lukewarm water. Immerse yourself completely several times. Continue pouring the bathwater over your body. Do this as long as you feel appropriate. When you are finished, have the water drain out of the tub while you are in the tub. Imagine all of the negativity going down the drain. Now is a time to pray your favorite prayer of protection. Allow the water to dry on your skin. Limit your exposure to media and outside influences for the retainer of the evening. It is best to do this bath before bed.

  • Lastly, Reiki treatments are also useful in clearing yourself of negativity and toxins. Here is the definition of Reiki according to the International center for Reiki Training:

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by “laying on hands” and is based on the idea that an unseen “life force energy” flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.”

Visit their site at:

These tools are all helpful in clearing yourself of negative energy. A lot of times, those who are psychic vampires are completely unaware of the fact that they “drain” others. This is where gentle care of ourselves will go a long way in dealing with those who are difficult. In time, your spiritual cleansing routine will be just as common in your daily life as brushing your teeth.

Don’t be surprised that people notice something “different” about you when you begin your spiritual care. Our spiritual body is as important as our physical body, so remember to take gentle care. You will reap the benefits for years to come.

Spring 2014 Newsletter


Runes By Melody Newsletter, Spring Edition

Rune of the Season: Eihwaz
– You may have to defend your position to others. This rune advises that defensive measures are essential for growth and success at this time. Be patient with yourself and others. Once your defences are in place you should be able wait things out until the situation becomes less volatile. Even though this rune has no reversed position, it is wise to be cautious.

Well, Spring is here, although it feels like winter in these parts… Winter is definitely going out like a lamb. The great thing about Spring is that we can finally shed these layers of “energy” that has built up all winter. This winter has been challenging for all of us, so it’s time to embrace the new. Before we embrace the new, we have to clear out the old. In manners of psychic self defense, clearing and protection is crucial now.

The simple act of airing out your home is one way to clear energy. If the energy is extra heavy in your home, you can use a smudge stick of sage and “smudge” your home. Make sure you light some favorite incense afterwords since sage removes everything. You want to fill that void with good stuff. Palo Santo wood is also great for clearing and charging a space. I particularly like it because it smells great and is not necessary to light incense afterwords. I was recently discussing this with a fellow colleague. She wrote a great how-to about smudging. You can read it here:

As important as it is to physically clean your space for spring, make sure you clear your place spiritually for good vibes too!

On a more personal note, I was given the opportunity to become certified in Reiki 1 and 2 this Spring. It was a great way to release some old stubborn psychic baggage that was hanging around. The attunements felt wonderful and the state of grace that followed lingered for a while. I look forward to sharing this new skill with my clients.

Happy Spring!


Do you have a party or event planned and need some unique entertainment? Try a rune party! Check out my website for details.

Remember that readings are available even if I do not have an event planned. Contact me for more information. We can use Skype or the phone for your convenience. I have a new office phone line – (717 ) 432-2410 – and have revised my policies regarding phone readings so be sure to contact us with any questions.


Rune Magick

One of the most versatile tools in any magician’s toolbox are Runes. The great thing about Rune magick is that it either works or it doesn’t, so the magician doesn’t have to worry whether a charm may go “bad” or backfire. Rune magick can be simple. It can be complex. When it works, it works wonders. When it doesn’t work.. It simply doesn’t.

You can infuse the energy of runes into your being by carefully breathing and pronouncing the rune like a yoga mantra. For example if you need some energy and your are lagging you may want to call Sowelu into your essence while visualizing the rune and the sun.

A simple yet powerful charm of protection is the use of the rune Algiz. To protect your home, sacred space, person or vehicle, you can draw the rune while slowly chanting like a mantra “Al-giz” thus infusing the rune with your essence and intent. For the home, it is recommended to use on windows, and doors. You can make a decoration for your car and hang it from the rear view mirror. For your person, you can draw it on the bottom of a foot or wear it as an amulet.

Bind runes are another way of using rune magick. A bind rune is the infusion of two or more runes which amplifies the intent that much more. For example the bindrune Aegishjalmur or more commonly known as the “Helm of Awe” This particular rune was used to instill fear into the enemy and is a very powerful talisman for protection. There is a rune study group which discusses this bindrune. You can check the link here:

I once “threw” Aegishjalmur at a tailgater on route 94 going into Hanover. I held the image of the rune in my mind and imagined I was on top of my car holding it in my hand. I threw it, and that person literally slammed on his breaks and kept a very safe distance from me for the remainder of the drive!

You can draw bindrunes with pencil, marker, saliva, lotion, or water. The rune does not have to be visible to work.

You can create a bindrune and tailor it for your own specific need. Be sure your intent is clear, pronunciation correct and you take your time to fully enjoy your experience.





Mystic Woodland

A Child’s Magic

When I was a little girl, I would often ask my mother how she knew I was making mischief without her even seeing me. She would tell me she had eyes in the back of her head. I climbed up on the chair with her as I picked through her light brown hair on the back of her head, looking for “those eyes.”

When I protested, she said “They’re closed because they are sleeping.”

I would ask how she got them and why I didn’t have them. I had so many questions for her. The answer was always the same with Mom so much that I believed her.


It was because of magic that we didn’t run out of cold water,
that the snow didn’t hurt, it was only cold,
that cats meowed and dogs barked,
grass was green,
there were cherry trees.

It was what made the ocean move,
And the moon so big.

It was magic that caused the sun to rise,
the birds to sing,
the fire to crack,
the smoke to be a ring,
snowflakes that are different.

It makes the rainbow shine.
It kept the train on the tracks.
It was the answer to everything!

Magic. Magic. Magic.

Mom once had me convinced that if I told fibs, that Pele the Hawaiian Fire Goddess, would come into my room and burn my toes. I believed her and would put lava stones in water to make Pele happy. I would like to think it worked. Madame Pele has not torched my toes, but we have had some interesting moments since then.

My dad would predict the end to the movies we would watch before the opening credits. This of course would infuriate my mother and I . Of course Dad would give us theanswer to our “How did you do that?”

“Magic.” Then he would wave at us in a most tricky way with a slightly smug look on his face. My mother would respond with some profanity which would make us laugh harder. (He did this once with the movie The Crying Game and my mother completely lost it.)

I was susceptible to fevers growing up. Living my formative years in the tropics, and then moving to the East Coast had left me vulnerable to asthma, allergies and plenty of infections. The unique side effect of fevers for me were “hallucinations.”

During one of my fevers I was in my parents room watching the black and white TV getting rest when my first “vision” occurred. I saw an older man singing the song “High hopes” to comfort me and I sang it along with him. He began to spell the word abracadabra and asked me to spell it with him. Each time we spelled the word, a letter was dropped until we finished with the letter A. I then fell asleep and slept well. Years passed when I told this story to my father. I mentioned I did not know who the-man was-in my vision. He went a bit pale as I shared with him and his eyes went inward.

“That was my father,” he said. “ ‘Abracadabra’ was something our people used to lower a fever.” He was surprised I had not mentioned it to him sooner. I thought that maybe we were so used to magical things and ideas growing up that they happened to everybody.

As I write this, I am watching Noah play on the floor with his toys. It’s exciting to know that with Noah we can play this “game” all over again. It’s different from my new perspective because I have to wonder if it really is a game or not for him. I am looking forward to the days when he asks me “Why?”


Grandmother Honor

Visits From The Departed

~ by Melody

Often times during various readings, I get asked the question:”How do I know if my departed loved ones are visiting?” You don’t have to be a medium to receive visits from your loved ones over on the “other side.” In fact, you may be getting visits and not know it.

I know this from experience. Both of my parents have passed on, but they visit me often. My mother, who loved the music of Aerosmith and the Beatles, visits me through the radio. I was helping family members clean go through old records last weekend, and found several items from my childhood that I had forgotten about. The Beatles song “Hey Jude” came on the radio on the drive home. I got teary eyed and said “hi” to my mom. My dad is different when he comes.. I smell cigarette smoke (when there isn’t any other smoke nearby) and I can almost hear him say “Don’t be sad.” Our loved ones carry with them the very essences they had when they were with us on Earth. Like my dad and his smoke and my mom with her music, those character traits continue on.

Is my mother watching me every time “Hey Jude” plays on the radio? Is my father with me every time I am consciously remembering the smell of my his cigarettes? Probably not. But there are times when the sensory experience has no other cause – unexpectedly smelling smoke without a smoker or fire nearby when I’m in the middle of doing something entirely unrelated for example. Some other signs that it may be a visit are feelings of warmth or a feeling light-weight as though your burdens have been lifted. You may feel like is someone in the room with you and sometime you may catch a glimpse of a human shape sharing the same space.

If you want to feel close to your loved one, play their favorite song or a song you enjoyed listening to when you were together. Read their favorite book or maybe have a cup of their favorite tea. Cooking their favorite meal and then savoring it is a wonderful way to honor their memory and hold them close to your heart. Be comforted in knowing that any pain or suffering they may have had in this world are no more and that they are free.

Here is a small list of signals you may be getting from your departed loved ones. You just have to open up your awareness. These are merely examples. Signs from your loved one can be as unique as each person on Earth is unique. Our loved ones on the other side can manifest as any of the following:

  • Scents like perfume, cigarette or cigar smoke
  • Pennies or money on the ground (think pennies from heaven)
  • Music on the radio or grocery store, anywhere that reminds you of your loved one.
  • Dreams. When our loved ones appear in our dreams, they usually have a message for us. Make sure you write down the dream as soon as you wake up to reference later.
  • Animals. Perhaps Grandma Lucy loved tabby cats. All of a sudden you find a tabby cats when you are out and about. That’s Grandma Lucy making her presence known.
  • Seeing/meeting someone that resembles your loved one. This has happened to me before. It is mind-blowing but really cool when this happens.
  • Your baby or small child coos, laughs and plays at “nothing.” This is most likely a visit from a family member. I have seen this with my own son. I thank my mom and dad for playing with him.

These are just a few suggestions so you can use to continue your relationship with your beloved. Know that they are always as close as your thoughts. Think of them often and honor them. They will give you signs!


Thoughts on Pendulums

~ by Melody

pendulum_1I have used runes as a method of divination for over 25 years and have used a pendulums for a quarter of that time. My first experience with pendulums was at a local herbal shop that also offered a variety of metaphysical devices. I’m drawn to shiney things naturally, and the chakra colors on the chain of one particular pendulum caught my eye.

The shop owner gave me a demonstration on how to use the pendulum to check for imbalances in my chakras by laying out stones the color of each chakra in a small circle. She instructed me to hold the pendulum still and I watched in awe as the pendulum moved on it’s own towards the yellow stone, which indicated my solar plexus chakra. At the time I was also suffering from a condition called gastroparesis (in the stomach). I was hooked and bought a lovely clear quartz pendulum with the chakra colors on the chain.

After using the pendulum for checking my chakra on a regular basis, I moved on towards other uses. I learned to find lost objects, clear energy, and dowse with the pendulum. Several pendulums have come come into my possession. Each has its own personality and niche in the same way that different rune sets and tarot decks communicate differently to people, situations and/or the nature of the questions being asked. I currently use two favorite pendulums in my daily exercises – one of quartz crystal and another of hematite.

The pendulum uses our own energy as well as the energy of its surroundings. For example, if you are buying a car then you can ask the pendulum if the salesman is being honest, or if the car is a lemon. A pendulum’s ability to read and react to the surrounding energy is very beneficial in situations where you might not be able to trust your own intuition. To expand on the car sales example, if you’re going through negotiations with an aggressive sales person who is making your head spin then the pendulum may provide valuable insight.

If you decide to buy a pendulum, take the time to choose your pendulum in person to see if it corresponds to your energy. Take care what the pendulum is made of! My husband was drawn to a hematite pendulum a year or so ago and it did little to nothing for him. Hematite is a very grounding stone and my husband’s pretty grounded already. We swapped pendulums and the hematite is working wonderfully in my own work while the smokey quartz pendulum I gave him is reacting much better to him.

The pendulum is a very versatile and useful tool to have in your metaphysical toolbox. Regular use and practice will bring you closer to your intuition and give you more confidence in your daily decisions.

Psychic Rune Readings by Melody Bishop

February 2014 Newsletter

wunjoRune of the Season: Wunjo

Harmony, Affection, Joy, Blessings, & Desire

A rune of great joy and blessings, Wunjo often signals a time of joy ahead. It calls upon you to enjoy the moment and share your joy with other. This rune also appears frequently during times of stress and activity in a challenge position that tells us we need to find the joy in ours lives. Be mindful of what brings you joy. Do what you can to make it a part of your day.

This winter has brought a fair amount of trials with it for us. Stress, arguments, unexpected bills, family losses, and more. There have been days when the presence and smiles of our infant son has kept the house together. These are the times when it’s good to remember that everything is a cycle, both the “good” times as well as the “bad.” When it gets rough, just hold onto your faith and remember that the cycle will continue and the sun will shine again. Look for the thoughts that give you comfort and hold them close.

Since the last newsletter there have only been a few events but they stand out. The New Visions Magickal Open House in December was a blast, as were the 2014 Possibilities presentation at The Inner Connection in January. I also gave a presentation on using channeling for deeper rune readings at New Visions in January as a precursor to my upcoming Runes 102 Class (also to be held at New Visions, date TBD). If you are interested in the Runes 102 class please let Bill and Bob know.

Many of you know that I offer phone and Skype video readings. These are great for people who are unable to attend stores and events in person for whatever the reason. We’ve improved the website, increased our social media presence, and have really been trying to branch out to other online associations in an effort to make my services more accessible.

If you haven’t checked out the website in a while, take a look! We’re adding events to the Schedule of Events on a regular basis and posting one or two blogs a week. You are encouraged to participate in the blog discussions – I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on the topics.

Warm Regards ~
Melody Bishop

It’s the little things that keep us together…

~  by Melody

So far, 2014 has been a tough challenge for us on a several levels. We’ve had car issues and repair bills. We’ve had to rehome our dog due to unfortunate circumstances. My father then passed away (yes, I did see it coming. It still doesn’t make it hurt any less).

Healing and growth doesn’t always take place in the world of happy smiles, rainbows and unicorns. It gets messy, ridiculous, crazy and downright ugly. My father used to tell me that “Pressure makes diamonds.”

Life goes on despite all the chaos around us. As much as I want to pull the covers over my head and wallow in self pity, I have to keep going because there is a baby that needs me and the bills still need to get paid.

Something that really helps in times like these is to remember to be gentle to myself. For me that’s a hot bath in peace and quiet. It’s nothing extravagant or expensive – it’s as simple as putting a handful of sea salt and some hyssop essential oil into the water and I am good to go. During that time, I pray…and pray.. and pray.

It’s the little things that keep me going right now. For example, I can be doing the dishes and look over at Noah, who gives me the biggest grin ever, just because I’m his mother. And things like that remind me that there are forces bigger and greater in this world that I simply have no control over, but I can control how I react to them. Times like this I just have to remember that…
…it wasn’t anything I did…

…it wasn’t about who I am…

…it was not about money…

…and perhaps what we really need in those times is just a moment of sharing unconditional love, and in that moment that we’ll know everything will be fine.

“We are what our thoughts have made us.”

~ blog post by J.R. Bishop

We are what our thoughts have made us; so take care about what you think. Words are secondary. Thoughts live; they travel far.”

~ Swami Vivekananda, Indian Spiritual leader of the Hindu religion (Vedanta). Disciple of the famous 19th century mystic-saint Sri Ramakrishna of Calcutta. Founder of the Ramakrishna Order of Monks. 1863-1902.

You don’t have to look too deep into the current metaphysical community to find some variation of this quote. I’m sure Vivekananda wasn’t the first to say it, either. A more modern version is “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” attributed to Henry Ford. The primary message is that the level of our successes and failures is heavily dependent on how much we allow ourselves to succeed or fail. Sure, there’s always that random chance, that shot-in-the-dark, that lucky winning lottery ticket or that blown tire because of a random nail in the middle of the road. We can’t control things like that but we can influence just about everything else.

A lot of people outside of the community read over the metaphysical “woo-woo” stuff and dismiss it as fluff, but every now and then you see common threads crossing over and into the mainstream media. This is a good thing! It means that we’re starting to pay attention to things that we should have been paying attention to all along. Better late than never.

I picked up a copy of Men’s Health the other day at the store. I used to run marathons and I hope to get back to running again soon, so I figured I’d look for some motivational articles and maybe a new exercise or two. In the February 2014 issue on page 70 they have one of those single-page articles that’s mostly a graphic (most of these publication are like that) but this one caught my attention. The title is “The Price of Pessimism” and it’s a brief-but-to-the-point summary of physical affects of negative thinking. Here a quick rundown of what happens when you have a negative thought, according to the article:

  1. Amygdala – Negative thought triggers fight-or-flight response
  2. Spinal Cord – Signal is send through nervous system, organs on high alert
  3. Lungs – airways dilate, breathing rate increases, higher oxygen demands
  4. Heart – pulse and blood pressure spike, inflammatory molecules travel through bloodstream
  5. Liver – liver breaks down glycogen into glucose unnecessarily
  6. Adrenal Glands – if stress continues, adrenaline, cortisol, and other hormones keep heart rate elevated
  7. Kidneys and Gut – blood vessels to inner organs contract, slowing digestion and urine production (good only in a true fight-or-flight situation)

That’s just some of the bad, so what about the good? The article quotes Jeffrey Huffman, M.D., director of cardiac psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital saying “Happy and hopeful people are more likely to exercise, eat healthy, and stop smoking.”

What’s my personal view? That developing a more positive outlook in your everyday life will cause you to care more for your life and the lives of those around you in general. The more you care for something the more you enjoy it and that’s what life is all about to begin with.

2014, A Space Oddity

The year 2014 really hit us hard so far.

I had my head in my hands wondering “Why me?” practically every day since December 21st. We’re only 10 days into this year and it feels like a cosmic hailstorm complete with downed trees, damaged power lines, frayed nerves and a raging migraine. It has been so extraordinary to find other people are also being “slapped around” by her as well.

starfield_smallThey are everywhere, Which means one thing… It’s freaking planetary. We have every reason right now to shake our fists to the sky.

Now I am no astrologer, but I have people in the know. I have been consulting Professional Astrologer Kathy Biehl on these recent cosmic events. Let me tell you it’s a s**t storm out there! It’s not all doom and gloom, so I am providing some links for you to peruse to help get a grasp on these things and how we can make this period work for us.

The major events are occurring right now are that Venus is in Retrograde and the New Moon (New Years Day) was in Pluto, who is the lord of death and rebirth. Out-modeled relationships, things, people, values and whatever-is-not-working must go. Best to let it go, because if you grasp on it and hold on, it will wriggle out of your hands like a slippery fish, or turn on you and bite you.

A word to the wise during Venus Retrograde: Do not get married, start a new job, or start anything new this period. If you already have wedding plans, be mindful of your communication with your significant other.

The good news is, that it is temporary. In spring, things will settle, but they will not be the same. We are being re-invented, our lives changed. Change is never comfortable. So lets put on our grown-up pants, get out there, and do some work. It is not easy but it is necessary.

Here is Kathy’s write up on the New Moon of New Years:

A more detailed write-up on Venus Retrograde is found here:

Make sure you visit her site at

~ Melody Bishop

The Rune Lady’s Husband

~ blog post by J.R. Bishop

…is also a rune reader. I mentioned in a previous blog that I was going to do readings at Portals in Berkeley Springs. That appointment has come and gone and I’m a bit wiser for the experience. While I don’t have the years of experience that my wife has, I do feel comfortable knowing that my clients received accurate readings. After reading for myself and my wife and one other person, the only way to take the next step was to go out there and do it.

Readings are, of course, confidential, but without going into detail I can honestly say that I never saw the runes laid out in such as way as they were at Berkeley Springs. I was able to read them but it’s a whole different ball game when you’re reading strangers. It’s both easier and harder at the same time. The easy part is that you don’t already know what the runes are referring to so you can keep an open mind as to what they’re telling you. The hard part is that you don’t already know what the runs are referring to so you really have to pay attention to know what they’re telling you.

Take Jera as an example – does it appear to provide insight on a financial matter or is it a currency of the soul that is at issue? When reading my wife it’s as plain as day. When reading others it’s not. I’d grown so used to the same runes appearing and focusing on certain things in my private readings that my readings at Portals were a stark reminder that the runes can be both complex and playful depending on their orientation and positioning in the spread.

I certainly have nothing against the Tarot or any of the numerous Oracle card decks out there (we have our own rune card deck 🙂 ), but the basic rune stones have become increasingly complex due to their large amount of ambiguity and open interpretation by virtue of their simplicity.

Othila, for example, is a rune of inheritance. What sort of inheritance? Quite often there may be a separation or loss involved. Another interpretation is that Othila represents your “purpose in life” so to speak. In a reverse or converse position those interpretations could mean that the querent has not gotten their due reward or earning (inheritance) or that they are working against or away from their divine path (purpose in life). If the rune is in reference to an inheritance then is it a physical, material inheritance or is it perhaps a tradition, skill, or other heirloom that is being passed down from an ancestor? Just telling a client that the rune represents “inheritance” would be like a weather man saying that we have “precipitation” outside but not telling us what type or how much. It is your job as the reader to fill in the gaps and read the fine print for the client.

Speaking of fine print… I have noticed something else that occurred during my readings. I noticed this a few months ago but it really hit home at Portals. The runes tell me a story with each person. When I lay them out for a spread, I take a moment to consider the forest for the trees, so to speak, to get the overall gist of the reading before I get into the details. I found that as soon as I laid them out it was like I was reading a page from a book.

More later, but those are some of my initial musings with the runes. If you’ve had some unique experiences with the runes yourself, we’d love to hear about them 🙂

Lightworking in the Screen Age

Lightworking in the Screen Age:
How do we help the next generation while staying connected?

~ by Melody Bishop

Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity™ Seat for iPad® device

Every year I do a prediction series for the coming year called “Possibilities,” where I channel the runes with a message for mankind for the year to come. This year was no different and the message was powerful. A unique message came up: “Stop raising our children with screens!” By that, it meant our addiction to ipads, iPhones, gadgets and computers is really hurting our children.

I remember being stunned the day I watched the airing of a report on ABC Nightly News on babies and screens. Countless times, the baby chose the ipad over their mothers and traditional baby toys. Time and time again, the baby chose the screen. An then there’s this you tube video where the mother blamed Steve Jobs because he had “coded a part of her OS” (

What can we do as lightworkers to help both parents and their children in this information age? We must first understand the problem and the dangers.

We are in a constant need of being validated and connected. Social networks makes it so easy to stay connected across the miles. The problem arises when we replace virtual interaction with real person-to-person interaction, where even eye contact and a smile is a commodity.

The American Academy of Pediatrics state:

  • Many video programs for infants and toddlers are marketed as “educational,” yet evidence does not support this. Quality programs are educational for children only if they understand the content and context of the video. Studies consistently find that children over 2 typically have this understanding.
  • Unstructured play time is more valuable for the developing brain than electronic media. Children learn to think creatively, problem solve, and develop reasoning and motor skills at early ages through unstructured, unplugged play. Free play also teaches them how to entertain themselves.
  • Television viewing around bedtime can cause poor sleep habits and irregular sleep schedules, which can adversely affect mood, behavior and learning.
  • Young children with heavy media use are at risk for delays in language development once they start school, but more research is needed as to the reasons.
  • See more at:

The other aspect of the issue to consider is how we interact with our children. About a year ago, my husband and I were at a local restaurant. The service was slow, which enabled us to do some people watching. Several tables over we witnessed a family of both parents glued to their iPhones while the daughter looked down at the table, playing with a straw wrapper. The little girl was clearly lonely and appeared so sad. Neither one of them spoke until the food arrived. Even then, there was no conversation.

What can we, as lightworkers do to being balance to this social problem?

Consider the children in your life right now, perhaps a nephew who is glued to his iPad playing a video game instead socializing at a family function. Instead of sitting quietly by watching him or worse yet, ignoring him, do your best to engage him. Do not be surprised if you may get a few one word answers or very distracted remarks. He may show you his game and excitedly show you how it is played. Keep in mind that this is a good thing that you’re engaging each other, even if it is over an iPad. Even if it frustrates you that the conversation is over a video game, remember that it is just that, a conversation. The two of you are interacting. In person.

Also consider the possibility of doing activity outside. Perhaps go to a museum, a nature hike, the aquarium, anywhere where being “hooked up” will be inconvenient. This means you too. Refrain from checking your phone or mobile devise as well. You too can benefit from being “off the grid.” Try not to make it such a big deal that Johnny went all day without his iPad. In fact, try not to mention it at all. Instead, focus on the interconnectedness of the moments shared in-person.

To take things to an extreme, consider taking long day-trips to a region without a signal. My husband used to take long hikes and runs up trails outside of cell phone range. He tells me that he looks forward to doing the same with our son when he’s older. After being so connected myself, the initial thought of them going somewhere and getting possibly injured without being able to call for help was upsetting, but it wasn’t that long ago that we didn’t have any of this technology and still went out in nature on all-day trips without worry.

When in nature have you and Johnny imagine that your feet are metal and the Earth is a magnet. It is a wonderful exercise to “ground” you both and not feel so “out there” as being hooked up can sometimes do. At the aquarium, imagine you both are like water, flowing and floating your stresses away. These simple exercise can bring you “back to Earth and maintain a clearer perspective on things.”

Simple moments like those mentioned above will bring joy to both you and the children in your life while maintaining the sense if interconnectedness that we all crave.

~ Melody


Rune Sets

Developing a relationship with your runes is essential for any novice or experienced runester. Your runes can be a gift from a loved one or friend, a present you bought for yourself, or you made them. Any way that the runes make their way to you, know that you are meant to explore them.

The first rune set I was gifted, was when I was sixteen. My dad gave me a set. They were mass produced and came with a book. I was enchanted by the cryptic letters and found the way they moved through my fingers in the bag they came in quite soothing and relaxing. The book was user friendly with the runes on the back and front cover which made it easy to find and navigate. I carried them every where and consulted them daily, sometimes several times a day.

At the time, I didn’t realize I was learning them. I was playing a game. It was essentially sacred play.

Over the years, different runes have come into my possession. I once made some runes out of flour, water and salt (with a little bit of spit) and baked them. I proudly used them until Tyr broke in half! I was about 18 at the time. I was so upset when I found the broken rune, I buried them.

I met a fellow runester (Miriam, of at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire when my husband and I were dating. Fellow runesters, especially serious ones, are few and far between. She had runes for sale and my husband bought them as a gift for me just starting my business. I use them often. They are hand crafted from a cherry tree branch in a lovely hand made burgundy and gold bag.

I bought a set of moonstone runes that were mass produced. I commissioned them to be my personal set, not for use with clients. Isa broke. I still have them. It pains me to think I should get rid of them or bury them.

My husband Joe also made me a set out of a dowel rod and burned the runes into them as an experiment. They are also a favorite set, but I only use them for my personal readings for me alone.

Traditionally, as with any tool-of divination, runes should be given to you by someone you love and trust. It makes the relationship that much more special. If you must buy a set that’s pre-made, make sure you spend as much time as possible with them. Sleep with them under your pillow, carry them in your purse or pocket. The idea is that they pick up as much of your energy as possible.

Another way of increasing the energy of our tools is to set them out overnight in the direct light of the full moon. I usually do this during a “blue moon,” and that lends a very unique and intense energy.

You can always incorporate any ideas you have to make your tools your own. Know that with practice and care, your tools will be a lifelong companion through this journey that is life.

All the best,
December 2013

The Festival of Lights

1110131008bMelody and I spent this past weekend in Berkeley Springs, WV. The 15th annual Festival of Lights was held at the Ice House and Melody had at table there. If you haven’t been to Berkeley Springs yet you definitely need to plan a trip down there – you can walk through the town in 20 minutes or less, but it has several unique shops, a great metaphysical vibe, and of course the spring water and spas. If you want to read more about Berkeley Springs, check out their website here:

We usually visit Berkeley Springs once a month when she reads runes at Portals, a metaphysical shoppe on Fairfax Street ( I’ll post up more about Portals and the other venues we go to later – for now a little more about the Festival of Lights 🙂

The Ice House is home to the Morgan Arts Council (, who was given a 40,000 square foot former storage building in 1996. The building is used for many different events throughout the year. This past weekend the first and second floors were filled to the brim with more than 80 metaphysical readers and merchandise vendors. When I say “filled to the brim,” I mean that there were readers in the hallways and with card tables situated in every walled corner and archway in the place and the building’s classrooms held five to seven readers/vendors each.

You might think that having readers with card tables and stations bursting out into the hallways could be more-than-chaotic, but it really wasn’t. The whole place had a nice vibe to it and you didn’t see the distance (both physical and otherwise) between readers/vendors that you see at events like the Celebration of Life. That’s not necessarily a good or a bad thing – each venue we go to has a different feel to it. We enjoy the Celebration of Life as much as the Festival of Life but they each have their own unique personalities.

There were more than enough clients and browsers to go around to all of the different vendors. Every venue has its share of “regulars” and the Festival is no different. This was Melody’s second year and she saw clients from last years’ event as well as new. What was really surprising was that Melody was placed on the second floor in the classroom in the very back of the place and clients (new and old) still found her. That says a lot about the flow of the place and the efforts of Festival organizer Mary Ellen to promote the event.

We were glad to see fellow practitioner and friend Lynn Lewis (Heal Your Past Lives) for the second year in a row. We also had the pleasure to talk shop with Jeff Firesinger (Thoth Tarot Card Readings). Firesinger is a third-generation reader of his deck, which has been passed down from teacher to student. It was interesting to learn about his unique method of reading the Tarot.

Check out the Festival of Light next year! Mary Ellen and her wonderful crew of volunteers did a great job handling the flow of people and vendors alike.

So what did I do all day? You may be asking…

I watched our baby Bean of course! As one of the vendors remarked, with the Bean around I didn’t really matter that much. The Bean, on the other hand, received smiles everywhere he went and he even got a kiss on the forehead. We helped Melody set up her spot and met her for lunch and helped take things down at the end of the day. Aside from that we just wandered around town aimlessly. Almost…

You can’t be married to a psychic for years and go with her to all of these events without picking up a few things. Melody and I both created the Rune Card Deck together and we usually talk through some of her class preparations and booth arrangements at home. This also means that I get to take her classes before anyone else 🙂

The first place I went to after she was set up on Saturday was Portals. It was a great morning to walk around and the house reader, Geoffrey Wendell, wasn’t in yet so I sat by his table in the front window and chatted with the owner, Tom Grinder. Tom casually mentioned that they didn’t have a rune reader in that day. I left Portals a short time later to peruse some other stores in town and as I walked down the sidewalk my hands felt my bag of runes and rune card deck in my pocket and I had one of those “moments of clarity.” Portals didn’t have a rune reader that day… and I had these things here in my pocket that look and feel a lot like runes… and the kid was sleeping most of the day away… so what was I doing again?

To make a long story short, I did a test reading and passed. I will be making my own reading debut at Portals next month on December 28th as long as the weather holds up for the trip. Melody will watch the Bean for a change and explore Berkeley Springs while I sit on the hot seat and give this rune reading thing a go. When I talked to Melody about this being a “test run” she laughed and said that I’d be fine – the only person I had to prove anything to was myself.

What does this mean for us in the future? Who knows… It’ll be interesting to find out!

Sincerely ~
~ J.R. Bishop

November 2013 Newsletter

Rune Readings By Melody Bishop,
November 2013 Newsletter

teiwazRune of the season: Tyr: Warrior, Sacrifice, Success, Courage, Valkrye The sword is the image for the rune Tyr The ability to cut away those things that you are holding on to that no longer serves you is paramount. This may come in the form of old thinking patterns that are negative and self-destructive. Perhaps you have some associations that would serve you best if you steered clear for a while. If you have a nasty habit or lifestyle, you can change at this time.

Bravery sometimes consists of releasing the things that no longer serve you. Battle is never easy and the universe is calling you to make positive change now. It also embodies the competitive spirit and ensures success in any competition you have worked towards. It is a great rune for fighting for what is right and just.The Vikings would carve Tyr on to swords and shields for strength and courage when they were in battle. Wear Tyr in your heart for the strength and courage you need.

Oh yes. Tyr hit the nail on the head as I thought about what to write in this newsletter. I always pull a rune or draw a card to give the newsletter direction and provide guidance to those who read it. Lately, during my readings, I find myself thinking that I should take my own advice more often. The incentive which lies in getting rid of the old and releasing, is that one can make room for the new to come in.

So much new has been coming in! I am truly blessed to have a wonderful husband and business partner to help keep me on task (I get easily distracted!), and do creative projects with. We both came up with a beautiful Runes By Melody Rune Card Deck. We couldn’t be more excited about this undertaking. We are looking for cost effective ways to bring the deck to you. We are planning to do more parties and events. Events for next year are already being booked!

All of this working did wear me down a bit. I had to cancel two dates due to illness this month. I was mortified and I apologize if they caused any inconvenience. The two dates have since been rescheduled. The Crystals Class at The Alta View Wellness Center will now be held on January 11, 2014 and my Friday Night Forum appearance at New Visions Books and Gifts will be on January 10, 2014.

In releasing the old.. We let go of some old clothes (by the way, Mercury Retrograde is a great time to clear out your closets) and items that were taking up extra space in the home. I am working on releasing some old thought patterns of lack and worry, which is where the taking my own advise comes in handy. Releasing is always easier said than done. I tell my clients a good way to release is to use the moon: On the first full moon, write a list of all you want to let go of. Go outside and burn the list. The next full moon write what you want to bring into your life. Go outside and burn it.  What that does is offer your intentions to Spirit and make way for some movement and blessings in your life.

I will be out there on the next full moon burning with you!

Happy Autumn!