Psychic Rune Readings by Melody Bishop

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c4a2 Please note that rates for phone readings may be priced differently than for online readings due to the fact that phone readings are managed through a third party (Click4Advisor). Click4Advisor is a secure service for both parties.

Psychic Readings via Skype:

Skype_std_use_logo_pos_col_rgb_smPlease message (Skype, online form, or email) me to arrange a reading. First come, first serve. Please see the Online Readings page for more information.

RBM_RC21_soweluWhat is a Psychic Rune Reading?

The Elder Futhark is a runic alphabet that was used as early as the 3rd century. Its popularity spread throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe, where the runes were used for both religious and secular purposes. Its use lasted until the 13th century. The Elder Futhark alphabet is the most widely used runic script and some remnants can still be found in Norway and Iceland today.

Your future is not set in stone. You can change it. How you change it is up to you. The runes give the questioner a “game plan” for what the spirit needs at the moment. Once you tend to your spirit, the material world follows.

A typical reading involves two or more rune spreads. The length of a session can determine the depth of the reading. I typically offer 30 minute and one hour sessions. At festivals and expos the rates may change depending on the venue.