The *New* Inner Connection


The Goddess Alter at The New Inner Connection


It is truly a blessing that at the 11th hour, the prayers of the metaphysical community have been answered. The Inner Connection was bought and moved a block over and is now located at the corner of Bridge Street and 3rd Street in the old “Esther Hempt” (locals know this) space.

The new owner, Ratha Ly is breathing new life into the store while putting wind in the practitioner’s sails. In addition to readings, The practitioners can practice Reiki out of the space as well. Classes are forming and are becoming abundant.

The New Inner Connection has 2 reading/healing rooms, a meeting room, lots of space (you can even twirl in the middle of the store, like I did!), natural light and camaraderie.

There are Angel Circles, Spirit Circles, Full Moon/ New Moon gatherings, classes galore, reading nooks and enough space and abundance for everyone!

Make it a point to check it out. You will love it there.

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