Garden Magic


This is the time of year where we spend a lot of time in our gardens. Gardens can be a wonderfully simple way of bringing more magic in your life. If you are an apartment dweller, don’t despair! Container gardens work well. Remember that you will have to water them daily and transplant your plants to bigger containers, or replace the soil every year to keep the roots healthy.

There are many common plants that have magical lore. Each plant you put in your space brings a certain energy to both the garden, your home, and if used in ritual- your practice.

Here are a few common plants and their magical attributes.

Basil– Highly regarded in India as sacred. The Greeks still crown a bride with a basil wreath in one of the world’s oldest wedding traditions. The aroma dispels dispiriting thoughts.

Betony– This herb makes beautiful purple flowers. Wood Betony was said to provide protection from curses, and assist with the exorcism of bad spirits

Clover– This “weed” was once regarded sacred to the goddess Hecate. Old spell books list clover, dill and vervain to be wrapped in a trefoil and thrown into the Midsummer’s Fires.

Dill– This herb is best kept in a locket as a love spell, and was once used to fend off witches. This induces sleep and digestive problems.

Fennel– This is a very effective protection amulet and was worn by the ancient Greeks to aid in battle.

Hyssop– This herb can purify your energy in the bath and protect you if it is worn as an amulet.

Jasmine– The scent of this night blooming plant is common in love sachets. It is ruled by Jupiter, so it can also bring abundance.

Juniper– If you plant it at the doorstep, it can ward off of evil spirits. It was burned with rosemary and thyme, to clean the air during the Plague.

Rosemary– A sprig of fresh rosemary placed under the pillow can ward off bad dreams and insomnia.

Rue– Rue has had a very long history in magic and witchcraft. A sprig can be dipped into water and sprinkled around the home to ward off evil spirits. Hang a sprig over windows and doors to protect from all kinds of evil.

The best thing about gardening is the sense of grounding and peace that comes with being outside in nature. Knowing that some of the plants that you may have in your space have deeper spiritual qualities, can make your love of gardening grow.


June, 2016

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