A gift for a gift



People often ask me if I use the runes for myself. From the time I was 16 to the age of 33, I did. They had always been a part of my daily routine in the morning. From the moment I had started reading the runes for others in exchange for payment, the ability to read my own ceased. At 33, when I did my first psychic fair, the gift was lost to me forever to read for myself again.


It had felt like I lost my best friend.


Sacrifice in order to receive something greater is nothing new. Odin hung from Yggrdrasill for nine days before he received the wisdom of the runes.


I remember thinking the words “A gift for a gift,” that day. At that moment, I realized that Odin merely let me know that everything will always have a price and nothing should be taken for granted. I then realized that the loss of guidance was replaced by the ability to be able to provide for my family.


In doing so, it is also necessary with such a gift, to give back. This is why I often do charity work with the runes.


Entering into a professional relationship with the runes is never something to be taken lightly. If you are pondering this, I will tell you right now, that they will not make you a millionaire. They will humble you if your head gets too big. They will trip you up if you become careless. They will confuse you if you become arrogant. They will drive you mad if you use them to cause harm.


Use them with a humble heart steeped in deep respect and they will teach you to help others.


It has been ten years since I read my first paying client. The idea of reading myself rarely crosses my mind these days. When it does, I simply hold my pouch of willow or cherry runes, and I feel the wisdom within them move through my hands and into my heart. I breathe the name of the first rune that comes into my mind as I hold the spirit of that rune within my heart and soul. I feel the pulse of the runes through my veins and in every skin cell. In that moment, I feel the comforting presence of the All-Father smiling within. I thank him for the gift of this moment.


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