Grateful for Gracefull Heart

Last month, I was blessed to have my “first gig” at a lovely store called Gracefull Heart Spiritual Shop on Trindle Road in Carlisle, PA.


Every now and then, I check out online listings for new and different places that open up. Google finally decided to share the news with me! I was surprised to find out that this little place has been in business since 2011.


When I arrived the first time to meet Sharon, I noticed the warmth and authenticity she exuded. The store has a nice vibe, with an impressive selection of oracle cards and crystals and gemstones. Gracefull Heart also has a lovely variety of singing bowls (my favorite metaphysical toy), books, oils and lovely gifts to delight the seeker in your life.


In the back of the store, there is a lovely reiki room, and also beautiful room which has a Dominus Cervix Stargate. The Stargate consists of a pattern of the Merkaba (also known as the Star of David), with specially charged glass orbs located at key points within the Merkaba. The client sits in the center while listening to instrumental music and enters a state of meditation. I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to give it a try. It was indeed relaxing, and I believe I had past life memories pertaining to my irrational fear of horses in this life!


This is a lovely store and is a welcome addition to Central Pennsylvania’s growing Metaphysical Community. I am glad to be a part of it!


Stop by their website at:

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