2016 Updates and News


Laguz symbolizes water, tides, emotions, and going with the flow

Back by popular demand, the videos will resume in February in 2016! Since October of 2015, I had been sick from a long and drawn out respiratory ailment, which I am finally recovering from. The videos will be on a monthly basis. They will be uploaded to the usual outlets like YouTube and social media. I deeply appreciate the messages and emails of concern from fans and clients who have enjoyed the video readings. You are the reason I do this!

In-Person readings will also be available by appointment in the Vickie’s Angel Foundation office in New Cumberland, PA. Please note, that 20% of your payment will be donated to the Vickie’s Angel Foundation, a wonderful charity organization that helps survivors, families and loved ones who have been affected by cancer. You can learn more about this wonderful organization here: Vickie’s Angel Foundation

The Runes By Melody Card Deck is still available for purchase! The image of Laguz above is just but one of the beautiful images included in our deck. The images were used from our personal photos (except for Isa, Wunjo and Uruz), and were made even beautiful by my husband, who is an amazing graphic designer. The booklet that comes with the deck, was written by myself. It is truly one of a kind rune deck, as we use modern images to make the runes more fitting to our daily lives.

You can purchase the deck here

There are more things in the hopper which I am still getting the details together and finishing touches on.. Stay tuned!

It feels good to be back!





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