2016 Ponderings


So many ch-ch-ch-changes have happened just within January 2016! My goodness! I was sad to learn that some of our cultural heroes will no longer be with us on this plane. So funny, how we become attached to a performer’s work, that it becomes a part of us. When they leave us, the void is felt all over the world. The thing that we are most blessed with, is their work. I thank God for that.

My favorite Motorhead song: (We are)TheRoadCrew

My favorite Bowie song; LifeOnMars

My favorite Alan Rickman role: Metatron

This year is going to be a very eventful year. The election will shake things up in no uncertain terms! Make sure you register to vote and get out and do so!

Please check out the new dates that have been added to the event calendar.

Let us focus on this year as being one of great change. Make sure you pray/set intention/ visualize what you want for this year. Take gentle care of you

Remember to shoot for the stars!



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