November Musings

psychicI often get questions from new clients on the lines of “How do you know these things?” Or, “Are you going to share this information with anyone else?” Sometimes even: “Will you always remember this conversation?”

My answer to the first question is this:

I do not know anything about you… seriously. The runes are a language that I can translate for you. In a reading I do two things – first, I translate the runes to your situation, and second, I receive information through me. The personal stuff that I bring to the table, comes out of my mouth once I open it. Once it’s out, it is yours to do with what you wish. On a side note, I cannot read for myself, which I think is a good thing. Which brings me to my next question:

Are you going to share this with anyone else?

Nope, not at all. First of all, I can’t. By the time you walk out that door, I have forgotten it. I recently worked a totally awesome Halloween party. I must have read dozens of people that night. I remember only three costumes. I remember the hostess, and only three other costumes. One gave me the jeebies and the other two were so funny!

So this directly ties into the next question: Will you remember this conversation?”

Nope. I forgot. I also forget lots of other things (just ask my husband!  <ed. note: yes, this is true>). So, if you see me in the grocery store and want to give me an update, by all means go ahead. I apologize in advance if I give you a blank stare. What goes on in my mind when I run into a client out in public is this: “Wow, that person looks familiar… hmmm… ok…” and I move along. Like I said, I apologize in advance. I really do understand our session was important. As important as that information was for you, that information was for you and you alone. It would be exhausting for me to carry around the readings of all my clients.

How do I release the information? Simple. My brain reboots after a good nights sleep. I wake up the next day with a vague memory I did a reading. I remember the client’s face, or voice, and that’s it.

I hope this explains some of what it is like “to be psychic.” I love what I do. I cannot imagine doing anything else – 🙂

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