Autumnal Musings

RBM_RC17_jeraJera signifies abundance through patience. The rewards are hard earned and do not come easily. We can watch the cycle of nature each year while keeping in mind that our spirit does the same changing and re-birthing year after year. This is the harvest time. The abundance is here. Make sure that you share your abundance with others so it can come back to you.The rune also is associated with the patience involves in waiting for the harvest to come to fruition. So remember patience, abundance and sharing. There will be more than enough to come back to you.Good timing is another attribute to this rune.

What a busy autumn! It was a great time at the Spirit Of Oneness Expo in Harrisburg as well as the New Visions Open House! I always love doing appearances, especially when I get to meet new clients and see my fabulous regulars. It really means a lot to see all of you, so thank you. I am so blessed to be able to do what I love, and that what I do is loved by you.

Remember to take time out with your loved ones this autumnal season. Make some hot chocolate, some yummy soup and slow down and relax. These days with all of the drama going on collectively, it is important to remember the abundance in our own lives and to share it.

Much love and aloha to you all,


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