New Cumberland Semi Annual Fun-Fest Autumn

What: Inner Connection Semi Annual Fun Fest

Where: New Cumberland Fire Hall

When: Saturday, September 6th 2014
It is always a great time at the Inner Connection’s semi annual Fun Fest. This time we were celebrating the approaching Fall season and it was busier than ever. There were more readers and services as well as clients. It was by far, one of the busier days I have experienced at the Fun Fest. I had a blast reading runes.

We always open the festivities by stating our intentions for the day and it always is interesting to hear what each practitioner wants to bring to the event. I shared that I wanted to provide truth and help to raise the vibration one person at a time.

Jan Wren puts it all together with the help of her friends, associates and volunteers. They keep the practitioners on track and the day going smoothly. Our experience became even more fabulous by the caterers that shared their goods as a part of the “Revitalize Downtown New Cumberland Project.” It looks like it is getting a good start!

To visit the Inner Connection’s  website, you can go here:

Happy upcoming Autumn!


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