Thoughts on “Ghost-Hunting”

Civil War 037Living close to Gettysburg is a real treat if you are into the art of Ghost-hunting. They have candle light tours, full of the legends and stories that took place during the Civil War. The stories and the vibes will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, providing you with a real case of the Heebie-Jeebies. The Heebie-Jeebie business in Gettysburg is quite lucrative! If you know where to go, you’re bound to have an experience or few that you will never forget.

My earliest memory of Gettysburg ghost activity happened when my mother and I were driving through the battlefields on a clear sunny day. Out of nowhere, we were in thick fog. (Seriously!) We both got the case of the willies rather quick, so my mother did what she did best. She sang. She sang “Ave Maria” with such conviction and kept singing until the fog cleared which was about 5 minutes. We could really feel the spirits watching us, and I think to this day that my mother’s singing kept them at bay. In her own way, she taught me a very important lesson I would forget in later years. Protect yourself when dealing with the dead, and when you are on their turf. Better yet, leave ’em alone!

I would learn that several years later with friends on a ghost hunting trip. It was my first one, and I had no idea what I was getting into. Frankly, I thought the whole idea was hogwash. I found myself in the back of a van with friends, who anointed me with some psychic vision oil on my 3rd eye. They told me all about these places we were going to go in the dark where the bloodiest of battles happened. I found myself grumbling about the sheer foolishness of it all, but really I was very nervous.

It always seemed like a good idea not to poke a stick at the dead. The dead have their own business to attend to, and for the most part, I like that I am not involved. Yet here I was, about to poke a stick at the dead. In hindsight, I felt like I was doing something wrong. It gave me the aforementioned heebie-jeebies.

Now before I go on in this story, I must say that at the time, I was not in a good place physically, mentally and spiritually. I was wrestling with some demons of my own, in the form of addiction and severe depression. I was not doing readings professionally in those days. That being said, I was wide open for psychic attack. I was not aware of it at the time, as I was misled by my own ego.

So we arrived at Sachs Bridge, built in 1854 . During the Battle, it was crossed by 2 brigades of the I Corps and Union Army. Four days later, the majority of General Robert E. Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia retreated over the bridge after the Union victory in the Battle of Gettysburg.

The group I was with had hand held tape recorders, going in hopes of getting a ghost voice in tape. They were talking to the ghosts and asked if they were there, and if so, to say their name. They also snapped pictures in hopes of getting ghostly visions on camera. I helped too, although I had no idea what I was doing. Honestly, I felt nothing, no presence of any soldiers, just the peaceful feeling of being out in nature on a beautiful covered bridge with friends.

The sun was going down and the group was going to Rose Woods next.

According to Wikipedia: “Rose Woods is a Gettysburg Battlefield forested area that is an American Civil War site of the battle’s Hood’s Assault, McLaws’ Assault, and McCandless’ Advance. “Scene of the first line of Union defenses”[4] on the Battle of Gettysburg, Second Day; the 1st Texas Infantry and 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiments attacked Ward’s 2nd Brigade line in the woods. The last combat on the Battle of Gettysburg, Third Day, was “in the early evening. Colonel William McCandless’s brigade of Pennsylvania Reserves advanced across the Wheatfield into Rose’s Woods where they managed to inflict heavy losses on the 15th Georgia” which had failed to retreat to Warfield Ridge after Longstreet’s Assault.[5] Two days later Timothy H. O’Sullivan photographed corpses moved for burial to the edge of Rose Woods[6] and which were subsequently re-interred in cemeteries.”

The group felt that they could definitely get some EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena) there. I really wanted to stay in the van. After some convincing, I got out. We walked around. It was getting darker. I didn’t feel anything until we got back in the van to leave. I don’t remember much, but what my friends told me, I literally flipped out. I was screaming, calling everyone profane names and acting completely out of character. One of the things I remembered was them pulling the van over at a local grocery store and smudging me with sage. After that, I was annoyed. The sage triggered my allergies and asthma that day. To this day, I do not remember them dropping me off at home, or how I even got there.

I have been to Gettysburg since then. We like to go in the day time. To me, it is hallowed ground. It is peaceful, oddly enough. I take in the scenery and history and enjoy the time with my family. As far as the ghosts go, I make sure I am well protected with prayers and send those lost souls who are trapped there peace.

The dead are alive, all right. To me, I do not need to have “proof” of them by taping them or getting them on film. Those paranormal ghost shows worry me as they may inspire some inexperienced people out to places like Gettysburg to try and “pick something up.” Some people would not know how to “survive” a psychic attack by an angry spirit.

Perhaps if we leave the dead to their own business, they may appreciate that too. As a psychic I have had many medium experiences since then. I can assure you that if the dead has some business regarding you, they’ll let you know.

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