Spring 2014 Newsletter


Runes By Melody Newsletter, Spring Edition

Rune of the Season: Eihwaz
– You may have to defend your position to others. This rune advises that defensive measures are essential for growth and success at this time. Be patient with yourself and others. Once your defences are in place you should be able wait things out until the situation becomes less volatile. Even though this rune has no reversed position, it is wise to be cautious.

Well, Spring is here, although it feels like winter in these parts… Winter is definitely going out like a lamb. The great thing about Spring is that we can finally shed these layers of “energy” that has built up all winter. This winter has been challenging for all of us, so it’s time to embrace the new. Before we embrace the new, we have to clear out the old. In manners of psychic self defense, clearing and protection is crucial now.

The simple act of airing out your home is one way to clear energy. If the energy is extra heavy in your home, you can use a smudge stick of sage and “smudge” your home. Make sure you light some favorite incense afterwords since sage removes everything. You want to fill that void with good stuff. Palo Santo wood is also great for clearing and charging a space. I particularly like it because it smells great and is not necessary to light incense afterwords. I was recently discussing this with a fellow colleague. She wrote a great how-to about smudging. You can read it here: http://psychicjessicac.com/smudging-101/

As important as it is to physically clean your space for spring, make sure you clear your place spiritually for good vibes too!

On a more personal note, I was given the opportunity to become certified in Reiki 1 and 2 this Spring. It was a great way to release some old stubborn psychic baggage that was hanging around. The attunements felt wonderful and the state of grace that followed lingered for a while. I look forward to sharing this new skill with my clients.

Happy Spring!


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