Grandmother Honor

Visits From The Departed

~ by Melody

Often times during various readings, I get asked the question:”How do I know if my departed loved ones are visiting?” You don’t have to be a medium to receive visits from your loved ones over on the “other side.” In fact, you may be getting visits and not know it.

I know this from experience. Both of my parents have passed on, but they visit me often. My mother, who loved the music of Aerosmith and the Beatles, visits me through the radio. I was helping family members clean go through old records last weekend, and found several items from my childhood that I had forgotten about. The Beatles song “Hey Jude” came on the radio on the drive home. I got teary eyed and said “hi” to my mom. My dad is different when he comes.. I smell cigarette smoke (when there isn’t any other smoke nearby) and I can almost hear him say “Don’t be sad.” Our loved ones carry with them the very essences they had when they were with us on Earth. Like my dad and his smoke and my mom with her music, those character traits continue on.

Is my mother watching me every time “Hey Jude” plays on the radio? Is my father with me every time I am consciously remembering the smell of my his cigarettes? Probably not. But there are times when the sensory experience has no other cause – unexpectedly smelling smoke without a smoker or fire nearby when I’m in the middle of doing something entirely unrelated for example. Some other signs that it may be a visit are feelings of warmth or a feeling light-weight as though your burdens have been lifted. You may feel like is someone in the room with you and sometime you may catch a glimpse of a human shape sharing the same space.

If you want to feel close to your loved one, play their favorite song or a song you enjoyed listening to when you were together. Read their favorite book or maybe have a cup of their favorite tea. Cooking their favorite meal and then savoring it is a wonderful way to honor their memory and hold them close to your heart. Be comforted in knowing that any pain or suffering they may have had in this world are no more and that they are free.

Here is a small list of signals you may be getting from your departed loved ones. You just have to open up your awareness. These are merely examples. Signs from your loved one can be as unique as each person on Earth is unique. Our loved ones on the other side can manifest as any of the following:

  • Scents like perfume, cigarette or cigar smoke
  • Pennies or money on the ground (think pennies from heaven)
  • Music on the radio or grocery store, anywhere that reminds you of your loved one.
  • Dreams. When our loved ones appear in our dreams, they usually have a message for us. Make sure you write down the dream as soon as you wake up to reference later.
  • Animals. Perhaps Grandma Lucy loved tabby cats. All of a sudden you find a tabby cats when you are out and about. That’s Grandma Lucy making her presence known.
  • Seeing/meeting someone that resembles your loved one. This has happened to me before. It is mind-blowing but really cool when this happens.
  • Your baby or small child coos, laughs and plays at “nothing.” This is most likely a visit from a family member. I have seen this with my own son. I thank my mom and dad for playing with him.

These are just a few suggestions so you can use to continue your relationship with your beloved. Know that they are always as close as your thoughts. Think of them often and honor them. They will give you signs!

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